Sunday, 22 August 2010

Hot Wheels in The City

I've been on a motorcycle once, maybe twice in my life. I was the passenger, of course, clinging the the coat of the driver and closing my mouth, for fear of losing my tongue in the hard whipping wind. I clung to him for dear life and shut my eyes tight. We were driving from one village in France to another, which took us approximately 7 minutes by bike, instead of taking us around 16 minutes by car. We took the scenic route, he told me. I saw none of it. At the end of our journey, I hopped off, well more like, let myself be carried off, and promised myself never to experience this again. 

So when my friend informed me yesterday that Addison Lee's cab services offered a taxibike service, which he had tried last week, I shrieked at the idea of it. "But is it safe?" I asked. "Extremely, they are chauffeured by these expert motorcyclists or something." he answered. "Do they go fast?" "They are twice as fast, and it's awesome, they'll take you anywhere you want for half the time." I couldn't believe my ears. I rely on Addison Lee almost once a week, when too lazy to grab the 390 bus back to Notting Hill from Central London. But this is different. Would I ever consider putting my life in someone else's hands again? Would you, zesties? I'm thinking long and hard about this, still this morning as I write this post. The last time I rode on a motorcycle, I was brought into the harbour safe and sound.  What could happen to me now, with one of London's most reliable taxicab and courier services? I mean, yes, motorcycles are dangerous, and they do kill thousands of drivers each year in this country. It's terrifying how you can feel so powerful and yet so vulnerable on these vehicles. But oh, how exhilarating!

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