Sunday, 10 June 2012

Lush Sumery Shades at My Fingertips

Ever wonder why nail polish bottles only come in absurdly large sizes? "What a waste", I thought to myself, every time I disposed of yet another half-full bottle of dried up nail varnish in the trash can. Wonder and waste no more, zesties. Max Effect, the mini nail polish bottle by Max factor, is the hottest most delicious piece of low-end cosmetics you'll lay your hands on these days. What with its miniature size, its great value for money at £3.49 a pop, and its fun and playful pastel summery palette, such as Cappuccino, Pretty in Pink, Chilled Lilac...

...and hold your breath, my all-time favourite colour this season, Mellow Yellow, summer won't feel so far away.

Pick out your hot new summery shade at Boots Pharmacy now. Hurry up! Summer won't wait!