Thursday, 19 May 2011

They Make You Bake

It's like Colour Me Mine but for foodies or Paint By Numbers with edible ingredients. It's the latest form of microwave-oven dinners. And it's so good and so sinfully easy, you'll never go Dominos again. 

Here's the idea: you pick up your "nearly baked" pizza at The Pizza Makers. You glance over the wonderful menu of pizzas available and then, you select your favourite Margherita, Artichoke, Pepperoni or Prosciutto pizza recipe. You put in your order - and in the blink of an eye, your pizza is ready. Well, not quite. You let the pizzaiolos work their magic on the dough and the balanced distribution of ingredients on the beautiful blank canvas. It's the job of your home-oven to finish the masterpiece. And voila! It's DIY Pizza!

They make it, you bake it. Nowadays, who even makes their own pizza anyways? But then again, who enjoys biting into a take-pizza whose dough is half soggy and sticking to the back of your teeth from traveling for God knows how long in the back of a Dominos delivery vespa? That's right, zesties. Nobody. That's why, it's time for a revolution. 

Bite into that crispy, thin-crust, fresh and tasty - the one you nearly made from scratch - delicious pizza and enjoy! Okay, so there's a minus. It's in Chiswick. But hang on, I was there last month and compared to Shebu, it's not half bad! Jokes aside, it's an up and coming area full of yummy mummies and upscale boutiques, with a grungy flair. So now you've got yet another reason to visit the neighborhood. 

The Pizza Makers
85 Chiswick High Road(corner of Chiswick Lane)
W4 2EF
020 8994 8080