Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Who needs a boyfriend this winter when...

It is January, the armpit of Winter, and it is cold and wet and sometimes lonely. Do you find yourself trolling the online dating sites desperately trying to find yourself a boyfriend to keep close to you during the winter months? Check out candidthreads.com and you might just meet your future husband: a beautiful, unique, handmade cashmere scarf, originating from local artisan communities around the world.

Tsah Green Cashmere Scarf by A Peace Treaty - handmade in Nepal

That's right, I am talking plush, lush, luxurious, velvety cashmere scarves to keep you warmer and cosier than any internet boyfriend ever has or will. 

Changra cashmere shawls by Laty Cashmere - handmade in Nepal

And guess what, they come from an ethical source, so they make you feel good about yourself too.

At candidthreads.com, you'll find a great selection of one-of-a-kind and hard-to-find oversized, patterned, monochromatic and embroidered cashmere scarves, for men and women alike. Suddenly January doesn't feel quite so brutal.

Friday, 3 January 2014

This winter, bundle up with a handmade scarf from Candid Threads

After LondonZest comes www.candidthreads.com, a new online shop for handmade scarf enthusiasts!

Every Scarf Tells a Story

Candid Threads is an online shopping destination for scarf enthusiasts. It showcases and tells the story of truly beautiful and hard-to-find handmade scarves and wraps from local artisan communities around the world, that not only reflect impeccable craftsmanship, but are also exceptional in their design, story and origin.

Whether woven by up and coming designers in Ethiopia or produced by fair trade projects in India, each scarf tells a story of colour, heritage, love and compassion. Carefully choosing the highest quality cashmere, silk, cotton and wool threads from these communities, Candid Threads helps them to generate sustainable businesses and make a positive impact on their local economy.

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Though Christmas is well behind us, it's never too late to give the gift of handmade to someone you love. Go on, have a browse www.candidthreads.com.

Hope you enjoy the site!