Monday, 14 June 2010

The London Gelato Fan Club

I have decided to change my blog name to London Gelato Fan Club. Just kidding. No, seriously though. London has a number of things at your disposal, but one thing it lacks in is a half-decent gelateria. I should start a fan club. A place, where like-minded gelato aficionados like myself can gather around and discuss the latest gelato spots of London. Serious topics deserve fan clubs. Like football, cheese and musicians, gelato deserves a Facebook page too. And if there already is one, let me know and I want in. I have had a special thing for gelato ever since living in Rome a few years ago, but I haven't found an equivalent since arriving in London. I've missed a good double scoop of gelato. Back in Rome, almost daily, I would wander down the streets aimlessly, feeling the sunshine on my shoulders, hungry for the sweet kiss of an ice cream cone. Weirdly enough, I have always found the sensation of biting into a rich and creamy scoop of straciatella ice cream to be equally as satisfying as a first kiss. And like kissing, gelato tastes even better when it's the first in a while.

So hold onto your chair, Zesties, as I have had the pleasure of smacking my lips onto one of London's best gelatos, and one of the shops happens to be right around the corner from my flat! Gelato Mio, the ultimate and authentic Italian gelateria, is actually spread four ways throughout West London, and is conveniently located in Notting Hill/Holland Park, St Johns Wood and Fulham. They offer fantastic and original flavours from nutella and caramel, to melon and tiramisu. 

There is something there for everyone, even the football fans! Check out their website or go visit the parlour for a sneek peak at the national teams' flavours, with Italy being represented by Olive Oil, France by Goat Cheese, Brazil by Caipirinha and England by Pimm's! Not sure how I feel about the goat cheese ice cream, but you've gotta applaud the Italians for their creativity and their talent with producing delicious things.

Gelato Mio
138 Holland Park Avenue, Notting Hill
37 Pembridge Road, Notting Hill
138 St. John's Wood High Street, St John's Wood
495 Fulham Palace Road, Fulham


  1. When I loved in Portland OR there were a few amazing gelaterias with super flavours. So not icecream parlours! The enjoyment and ambience of a gelato shop I used to go to was like hanging out in a really cool bar. We do just about ok here and the kiddos love to go, but the style and quality is a little lacking. Enjoy your gelato this sunny Monday.

  2. Hi Emily! Makes the mouth water for sure...another reason for me to make it up to the big smoke some day soon... Lou x

  3. umm, nutella gelato?! i'm bookmarking this for when i visit!

  4. kathy peck leeds14 June 2010 at 17:36

    What a scrumptious post - makes me want to hop in my car and go find one in LA. Mulling over which flavors I'd have if I found one - maybe pistachio and something chocolaty?

  5. yummy yummyyyyyyyyyyyyy post!!!!!!!

    coooooooool blog here!

    pls come visit and join!!!!!!


  6. Sounds so good...and I love ice cream and your blog is so lovely...Hope to see you soon and have a great day!

  7. Oh yum yum, that sounds great - I'm intrigued by the Pimms option! Ooh, there's also a new gelato place called Gelupo in Soho - - which I read about in today's Daily Candy - sounds lovely too, and there was mention of gelato-stuffed cannoli which is possibly the best concept ever. Oh yes, and please sign me up for gold super deluxe level membership of the London gelato fan club.