Friday, 2 July 2010

Snob Food Limited

My unequivocal love for food has made itself quite public through this blog, and I have no shame for it in my heart. I am, and forever will be, a die hard foodie; a closet fat kid if you will. I was once scolded by an English teacher for eating a candy bar in class. It was disturbing my classmates, she said. "It is frowned upon in this school to treat the classroom like a cafeteria." That God awful teacher with a God awful bad ear for foreign languages, and who insisted the sound "the" was pronounced "zhe". Keep in mind, this was the French system, where rules made educators feel more worthy than their students, and most of all - it made them feel powerful. Most of the time, these rules were completely uncalled for or even made up. Since when has eating a candy bar in class disturbed anyone? I don't think so. Ever since I was a little girl, I've tricked my mind into believing that I didn't like sweets - for the sake of keeping my grades up, I guess.  

But now that it's no longer a matter of grades and being liked by your teachers, it's a duty of mine to try to enjoy (and share) my guilty pleasures to their fullest potential. Like this new discovery of mine, the awesomely handsome snob food cafe called Napket. No guilty consciences allowed in here. Licking your upper lip like the first time you stepped into a candy store is recommended. Better yet, it's encouraged. Think of that movie Chocolat. Johnny Depp isn't the only delicious thing worth saving your appetite for. Think of a chocolate torsadé or a double chocolate brioche for breakfast. Think of colourful summer salads, made up of puy lentils, bloody beetroot, fresh parsley and feta cheese for lunch. Think of a bowl of freshly cut tropical fruit for dessert and a frothy chocolatey cappuccino to keep you from falling asleep at your desk. No sin here.

The makers of Napket clearly have a passion for design and beautiful things. What with the oak-wood walls, the library-bar look and the romantic lighting, everything about the decor shouts out elegance and taste. And of course, the yummy dishes are as fancy as they are delicious, and are best enjoyed on Napket's regal chairs, reading the latest Metro gossip under a stylish chandelier - no less.  Who's teaching who a lesson now? Or should I say "whom"...

You can find Napket in various locations throughout London:
61 Piccadilly, W1J ODY
5 Vigo Street, W1S 3HD
6 Brook Street, W1S 1BB
34 Royal Exchange, EC3V 3 LP
342 Kings Road, SW3 5UR


  1. I love napket, they have great food and juices. I also like like the fact that they have a selection of newspapers... it's a cozy place to hang out on one of those rainy London days. Just that thing with the IPods in every table does not seem to work to well, since i yet have to sit at a table where the iPod is not broken.

  2. Cool pics! Everything looks so yummy. I want one!

  3. they have very good tea- it's a tea I've only had in France otherwise and it's very lovely. My only issue was it did once take 15 minutes to be served when they told me to sit down and not go to the counter... but every other time it has been good

  4. kathy peck leeds2 July 2010 at 06:45

    We stumbled in on one when we were in London - the food was fantastic, wanted to eat one of everything.

  5. Kathy: I know, the food is great and so pretty! I can't believe we missed each other last time you were here. I would have taken you to my top 10 LZ spots:)

  6. What a beautiful display of food!

  7. I've seen them and been interested but I'm put off by them saying it's "snob food", however now I've seen your review I'm more temped to give it a shot...

  8. Dear Emily, Napket looks lovely! I didn't know about it. I shall be checking out the Royal Exchange branch very soon, thank you. Hope all's well with you xx

  9. Hi Emily! I hope you are well and see you are still supporting London's infrastructure with gusto! Good for you! This place looks wonderful - sadly I am off sweets for abit while my teeth get better. Let's just say I have spent alot of time at the dentists lately! Take care Lou x

  10. I have just told my husband about this as he works near Royal Exchange, so thanks for sharing x

  11. Urgh. Pastries. I cannot do anymore pastries. I had the absolutely maximum of pains au chocolat I could stuff into my mouth during the past four weeks. I AM a pain au chocolat.
    Ask me again tomorrow. :)

    LOL MM

    PS: You are around for a catch-up anytime soon?

  12. Hello Emily.....I will have to check this 'foodie' heaven out next time I am in London.....those pastries look wickedly delicious, xv.