Monday, 13 September 2010

Yummy Mummy Heaven

I'm young. Okay, I'm not that young, but I often daydream about what my life could be like as an adult. I have this vision of life in London a few years from now- lovely rich husband and kids in tow and gorgeous Victorian house in Holland Park, no professional obligation. Country house, beach house, fancy car, walk-in closet, nannies, live-in help, first-class travel, dinner parties. The list goes on. But it's only a fantasy - an artificial dream. Is there a job in my dream? Nope. Are there problems, financial, professional and personal, in my dream? Not likely. I am a Stepford wife in my dream; and then I wake up, and I hate that dream - this isn't what I want! 

Certain areas of London sometimes feel like that dream. Not only are the women gorgeous but they just look so relaxed, fulfilled and perky! They go on daily walks around the neighborhood, stop for tea, or - a low-fat, no-foam, extra-hot cappuccino (just so), shop at the Matches around the corner, attend 3pm Pilates classes, and send their nannies to fetch the children at school. Yummy mummies have the best life! But do I really want this?

Yesterday, I took a leisurely stroll down to Holland Park and the dream state kicked in. Holland Park is the hood I sometimes refer to as Stepford Central. What a beautiful area, though. Norland Square has it all, the restaurants, the shops, the spas, the gorgeous people, the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the epitome of English elegance. Wait a minute, I like where this dream is going.

Julie's is one of the highly popular spots for the yummies of Holland Park. It's a lovely place to stop for a nice salad. No, but seriously, in reality, you can cozy up and sink into the delicious velvety sofas and enjoy the wintery feel of the dark-wooded walls in the winter and bask in the sunshine on their outdoor terrace in the summer. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this dream sounds amazing!

The dream doesn't end there. After lunch, comes the shopping! Virginia is one of those gorgeous secret gems only a handful of Londoners know about- and those who know about it covet it like a super exclusive members club. This treasure trove is filled with one-of-a-kind vintage designer dresses, shoes and other mysterious accessories from now back to the 1930s. The prices match the intimidation factor of the shop window and you can be sure to find many elegant fashion-forward yummies, and sometimes even celebs such as Kate, Sienna and Naomi, chatting up the very rude but brilliant shop owner, Virginia herself. I think I like this dream?

After the shopping, comes the spa.  If the dream hasn't been tough enough, what with the many coffee breaks and shopping excursions, there is no better way than to really work it hard in Holland Park's luxurious Cowshed spa. Enjoy a freshly squeezed juice or detox green tea to completely indulge yourself after your massage. Invite the ladies, the nannies, but not the kiddies. After consideration, these places sound great. But I like my reality better than my dream. What about you, zesties? Any fantasies of the yummy mummy lifestyle?

Julie's Restaurant & Bar
135 Portland Road
W11 4LW

Virginia Vintage & Second Hand
98 Portland Road
W11 4LQ

Cowshed Spa
119 Portland Road
W11 4LN


  1. Now thats a great dream. Sounds like perfect London living for the YM's.
    My dream is living by the sea. House with huge balcony overlooking the beach. Kiddos playing for hours on end on the sand. Walks, swimming, a great coffee bar nearby. Surfing classes after school for the kiddos. A few gorgeous little one off shops nearby to keep the retail therapy in check. Thats yummy for me. One day, one day.

  2. I have this dream every now and then, when I'm driving the kids to school, then having to head into work. I often see the tall, blonde stay-at-home moms, walking their kids to school and then heading out for a jog afterward. On mornings when I'm really tired and I don't want to be at work, that life sounds nice. But, I have a good life. I won't complain. But, it's nice to imagine how winning the lottery would change things! :)

  3. Dear Emily, it does sound good... Anything gets boring after a while though.

    It's a fabulous area. I've spent many a day/night in Julie's and Virginia's xx

  4. I'm heading off to the Cowshed spa in a few weeks for an excursion from Oxford as a birthday pressie from my husband... Can't wait!

  5. Is this your way of saying 'I am starting to get broody'? ;) Gotta run to that Pilates class now. Byyyeeeeeee!

  6. I will join you in this dream as soon as the hubby strikes it rich. I could use a pilates class to firm up this shabby body and then off to the spa to massage the sore muscles. Then once I shed a view pounds we can spend all my hubbies money at Victoria's. Isn't dreaming fun! Actually, I am in need of a tummy tuck do the have great plastic surgeons there!

  7. Yes I would love the yummy mummy lifestyle in many ways. I have reservations too, what does it all mean? but sure it'd be lovely!

  8. Love my life as a stay at home mom, but gosh-----sure could use a nanny!

  9. Never read such a shallow and vacuous post in my entire life ...