Thursday, 28 April 2011

Water: Drink Responsibly

Are you one of those avid water drinkers? You never leave the house without clutching a water bottle. You always drink between meals and never during. It's two liters of waters per day, not one. Yeah, you know all the rules. You think you're the water expert. There's just one rule you're missing though. By buying and using new water bottles each day, you are going against the basic philosophy of recycling, a philosophy we humans preach but hardly ever exercise; polluting the earth and creating unnecessary waste around us. Yes, okay, I'm guilty, I like my occasional Evian bottle and enjoy the sporadic sip or two when I'm on the go. Sometimes, I even go out of my way to buy my fashionable and yes, delicious, Voss Water. My dear friend works for them in Asia and really believes in the water's nutritional values. I completely buy into it. At restaurants though, I've gotten into the habit of ordering tap water. It's not cool, but it makes me feel a little bit better about myself each time. 

Recently I've been introduced to the unbelievably sleek and clever Bobble Water Bottles. Bobble is a £10 portable reusable water bottle invented by world-renowned industrial designer Karim Rashid. Its clever design incorporates a filter, which equates to at least 300 water bottles, substantially reducing the waste otherwise generated by disposable water bottles. Change the filter approximately every two months and wash the bottle every so often. How easy is that?

Available in different colours online and in various Planet Organic Stores throughout London per location below:

Muswell Hill:
111/117 Muswell Hill Road
N10 3HS

Notting Hill:
42 Westbourne Grove
W2 5SH

Central London:
22 Torrington Place

64 Essex Road
N1 8LR


  1. oh I hate buying water in bottles.. yes I do it very occasionally but then I re use this bootle till it falls apart - and then of course it ends up in my recycle bins.. we have such good tap water here we really don't need to have this fancy cost a fortune water.. I have to say having a bottle around does make you drink a lot more of it.. I've recently got in a better habit - no way near the 2 litres but much better.. even though mines in a pint glass at the moment... umm think I need one of these bottles!

  2. Look at you, saving the world... ;-) I think Big M wanted one of these. Good idea!

  3. Great idea. Might see if I can order one of these on line. I never drink enough water so this might encourage me more! And I am completely with you on ordering only tap water i restaurants.

  4. This is GREAT - I actually saw someone with one of these on the bus the other day wondering what on earth it was - now I know!

  5. I've never ever drunk enough water. I'm going to buy one of these. Thank you xx