Thursday, 8 April 2010

It's a Jungle Out There

One of the many great things about London are the hundreds of sample sales that are at our disposal week after week. I generally tend to miss out on them unfortunately, always finding something better to do, or some other excuse that will keep me far away from spending way too much money on something I'll convince myself I need, at a price I'll convince myself I can afford. Sample sales are killer. But hey, that's part of the game. You get there, you promise yourself you won't buy anything over £100 and then you end up with 4 things adding up to exactly 4 times that amount. It's inevitable. You sample sale, you ruin yourself. 

New York's Barney's Warehouse sale did that to me every year. It killed me but I loved it. The smell of a large uninhabited warehouse and the thousands of clothes and accessories ready to be snagged off to better and greener pastures. The women, the crazy women, stomping, ripping, yapping, shouting and swearing at each other all for a pair of marked down Loubs and McQueen trousers. I would go there at times just to enjoy the unreal jungle scene (it's a Mean Girls moment). Here in London, I hear there is something quite like it called the Secret Sample Sale at the awesome and legendary Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch (87 BRICK LANE LONDON E1 6QL) and it must not be missed.

It starts today, April 8th, and lasts through the 11th, all day til 9pm. You print out your pass (only needed for today April 8), you show up, you pay £1, you got yourself an entry to the sample sale of the year. 

It's your last chance to grab a McQueen anything for a decent price, your shot at a great pair of Seven jeans for the spring, some Stella McCartney blouses and Miu Miu jackets, a Zimmermann bathing suit, Martin Margiela shorts, and of course Marc Jacobs colourful prints sometimes only for a  tenner. It's all there. And the prices are crazy at discounts of up to 80% off. It's a jungle out there. Be ready to unleash the lioness in you!


  1. If I had access to a sale like that, it would be the end of me! If you're going, good luck and be sure to update us on any great buys!

  2. Oh to live in the big smoke - I am tucked away in the these are just a dream to me. I shall live vicariously through you in your London experience!

  3. Sounds great! Must try to go! Have a sweet day!