Friday, 23 April 2010

A Mean Bean Cappuccino - the Only Way to Start the Day

This is my first coffee post. Not because I don't like it, au contraire. Coffee is a big weakness of mine. I need my cappuccino fix daily. The vicinities of my work have not been too promising when it comes to coffee joints, and I find myself struggling to find my fave and regular coffee-on-the run spot.

But wait no more, the best coffee in the West End has made its self known! And the winner is...Reynolds on Eastcastle Street. With a coffee blend so rich and so flavourful, you'll find that this mean cappuccino gives you that amazing sensation any good cappuccino should give you: the feeling of being bad. Like you've just sinned so badly, you're gonna get whipped. Like you're eating a sweet so vicious, a piece of chocolate so delightful, or a chewy chunk of toffee. But actually, it's just coffee. And it's good.

They offer a range of other products as well: fresh and healthy salads, cute and plumpy sandwhiches, organic crisps and delicious snacks. Their selection of sweets is even better. Pain au chocs, croissants and more. Dip their scrumptious banana cake from Borough Market into it, and then you've got yourself a sinfully good breakfast feast or an even better snack attack. 


  1. Morning Emily - I like writing Emily as its my daughter's name! Oh to have such a choice of coffee locations - out in the suburbs its basically Starbucks or Costa and that's considered exotic! Actually I lie, we sometimes get visiting coffee shacks that have the most makes me want a latte x

  2. Nothing beats a favourite coffee shop where you can pop in regularly, great coffee and good cake (preferrably banana or carrot in my case!) and everyone is friendly and welcoming. Sounds like you found yourself a good spot. Enjoy the sunshine.

  3. "Like you've just sinned so badly, you're gonna get whipped." I have no clue what you are talking about, but I am intrigued to find out more. Next Tuesday. Around 1pm ok for you?
    xx and LOL MM

    *runs out to get coffee now*

  4. Having lived in New York you know good coffee is imperative! I am going to seek this place out not only for the coffee but for the experience of feeling like I have been bad ;)


  5. oh, you are just in my area! Carluccios and Fratellis are very popular with the office coffee lovers, and Kaffeine in Great Titchfield Street too. Love Reynolds, their little pots are delicious. There is a bigger one near Goodge Street.

  6. Mmm, sounds like my morning addiction, I mean, routine: tall coffee with a piece of bananna loaf. Yum!

  7. I really fancy a coffee now, but too near bedtime and I only have Nescafe - Yuk!

  8. Your description of drinking a good cup of coffee is the best I've ever heard! I so agree with you - it should feel that way! Can't wait to taste that coffee!!! Happy Saturday!

    xo's Kristin

  9. Boo....All excited by your blog post I went there yesterday but alas....closed in the weekends. And I don't work in the area...

  10. Saskia: I'm so sorry to see that you tried going and it was closed! Try again, it's worth it:)

    Kristin: I know, it's hte best feeling ever. Had it again today, and it was sinfully good!

    Looking fab: Nescafe sucks but it does the trick sometimes when you need that cafeine fix.

    LouBoo: How sweet that it's your daughter's name! Great name:)

    Victoria: absolutely, it's key to find your regular place. It's almost like home. The cake is a must too!

  11. I love Reynolds! As a fellow coffee addict it's always a treat to hear of good places to visit for a caffeine fix :)