Thursday, 13 May 2010

Fashion Can Save the Children - And So Can You

Grazia's famous celebrity Editor-in-Chief Mary Portas has opened her very own clothing boutique on Westbroune Grove. Mary's Living & Giving shop for Save the Children is the latest addition to Notting Hill's hip and posh shopping street, and The Queen Be of the UK's fashion publishing world is heading it up. And she's not in it just for the fashion. No, she's in it for the children. Ain't nothin wrong with a bit of pro-social fashion, is there? Hey, I like fashion. And I like children. Put your hands together for a double whammy of win-wins all around. 

I'm a big believer in using one's name for charitable causes. Bill and Melinda Gates are doing it with their foundation. Bono and Oprah are doing it. Reese and George have also tattooed their names onto big and significant charitable organizations. Angie Jolie has been the UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador for years. Call it a marketing stunt. Call it a big fat lie. Call it whatever you want. I think it's brilliant. Why the hell not use your celebrity status to raise awareness for a cause when you know you have the clout to pull it through? Mary Portas is no international celebrity, but she is definitely well known in the UK especially when it comes to her incredible fashion sense and her generous sense of charity. And let's not forget, her awesomely fun fashion/tabloid mag Grazia has graced my nightstand a few too many times. And I'm sure it has yours. So for that alone, she deserves your attention today.

This is the drill: you visit the shop and if you're lucky, you'll find some impressive items on sale, like these gorgeous pieces below.

Louboutin sneakers, £190 (instead of £545)

Antonio Berardi Dress, £300 (instead of £860)

Alexa Mulberry bag, £300 (instead of £895)

And if you're a Grazia reader, you can even be one of the first ones to visit the shop on May 22nd from 10-11am. You'll meet the brains behind the whole operation and get the chance to get first dibs on a bunch of smashing deals! You can sign up on for an invitation to the very special event and earn yourself a free manicure and cupcakes in exchange for a fashion donation of your own, designer or high street. As I said before, it's win-win! You give away your things, and you leave with something nice for yourself. Oh, and you save the children. Wouldn't you say that's win-win-win? I most certainly would.

Mary's Living & Giving Shop for Save the Children
177 Westbourne Grove
London, W11 2SB


  1. I will definitely be trying to go- I think what she's done has been amazing and I loved the show with her and the older ladies- especially the toy twins!

  2. A good cause indeed! Are you going on the 22nd?
    xx MM

  3. Hmm... going high-fashion bargain hunting for a cause, i don`t see what`s wrong with that either!!! Thanks for the heads-up...

  4. Even if it's a marketing stunt at least it helps children. So that's a positive thing.
    Thanks for sharing this:-)

  5. ooh I will defo sign up for that. The travel company I work for organised a x-mas holiday for Mary P 2 years ago which I helped with. I am coming up the big smoke tonight staying with mate in Clapham and off to Oxford Circus tomorrow (well actually Mortimer St) to do my photography course. Going to capture some London snaps, and you certainly have been an inspiration for this! Have a good weekend!

  6. I really like Mary Portas and watched the TV series she did on turning charity shops around and making them more profitable, she is fantastic!

    Good for her :)

  7. MM: I can't go ont he 22nd unfortunately but I'll be stopping by shortly after that for sure!

    Fleur: So happy to hear about your photography course! can't wait to see the results on your lovely blog:)

    Fashion, art: Couldn't agree more! At least it helps the children.

    Rose: she is a great lady indeed. Didn't watch that show but heard great things!

  8. Go Mary! She has really raised awareness on giving to charity shops after her tv series. Hopefully the quality of stuff people are now donating is on the up and she makes loads of cash for Save the Children.

  9. Love Mary - She is God in my eyes! x