Friday, 21 May 2010

Kelly Graces London

The V&A is one of my all-time favourite museums in London. Firstly because, knowing myself, I think I could spend hours just gazing it. Architecturally, it carries within it that impressive London regal status that only a few other monuments have in London, and it catches my eye every time I pass by it. And secondly, because when I enter the grand doors of the museum, I can't help but think about and be moved by the fantastic love story that took place between Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, and the love they both fostered for art and beautiful objects. I think, yes, I'm in the presence of true love. Last Saturday, I strolled down the long corridors of the true love V&A to catch the 4pm viewing of the Grace Kelly show- a selection of Grace Kelly's most beautiful and desirable gowns and accessories, accompanied by a snippet of her life story as Hollywood actress turned Princess of Monaco.

Not only was I mesmerized by the her fabulous 1960's Haute Couture designer wardrobe, but I also realized how forward-thinking she was - in her dresses, her accessories, in her choice of outfits, in her hair, in her jewelry. I couldn't help but think: "hey, I could wear this!" Or maybe more appropriately, "hey, I would wear this if I could afford it! This Chanel suit is timeless. I think I might just be able to pull it off at my next client meeting."

But there is nothing I could ever do to measure up to this gorgeous woman. What an elegant lady Grace was. As she ducked out of her vintage Rolls Royce, as she floated down the aisle arm in arm with Prince Rainier, and as she gently waved hello to her thousands of adoring fans, she always carried herself like a true Princess. She stood tall next to Jackie O. She could pull her weight for sure. Her sense of old Hollywood glamour mixed with regal floor-length gowns made the conservative touch of Jackie's New England pencil skirts and twinsets nothing but conservative non-fashion.

And there was nothing more beautiful than her glowing smile and golden locks combed backwards and perked sideways beneath her bejeweled ears. She truly was a style icon wrapped up in the tiny yet voluptuous body of a blond siren, of a Grecian Goddess.

I fell in Love with Grace that day. I fell in love with her Chanel Couture, her Balenciaga gowns, her Hermes bag and her dreamy diamonds. I fell in love with her life as a Hollywood actress turned Princess. And I fell in love with her gorgeous smile. But I could not have imagined a more horrible end than dying so young in a tragic accident at the wheel of a car. But her legend still lives as she graces the walls of the Victoria and Albert monumental museum.

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  1. She was such a beautiful woman. I would love to see that exhibition. Maybe it will come to NL sometime. The V&A is a fav of mine too. I once organised a dinner for 200 people there in the entrance under a beautiful enormous colour glass chandelier. It was a fab night.

  2. I really must go and see that soon. I saw an exhibition in Monte Carlo 3 years ago. It was fantastic. So much was available to see, letters, clothes, things she had made, hats, handbags. I was lucky enough to meet her when I was a child and lived there. A lovely person.

    Have a lovely weekend
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  3. I saw the original exhibition in Monte Carlo a couple of years ago was incredible and so well put together, I could really appreciate how it's quite a challenge putting such a huge range of items together and doing a great job!

    A friend of mine saw the exhibtion last year in NYC and I think it, like London, is a slightly smaller version of the Monaco one.

    I just loved it....weren't her clothes just stunning....and the Kelly stylish. She was just innately stylish and beautiful...quite unique.

    I am very tempted to go and see it again :)

    Happy Friday!

  4. No doubt, she was and remains an icon, in every way possible, a wife, a mother, a moviestar, a princess, a real woman who cared so much for people around her, a perfect lady, and, I'm told, a really good friend. Lovely piece. xx's

  5. I love the first picture, she was so elegant.

  6. Yes, isn't that terrible! She was wonderful! And where in London is that museum? Hope you're having a great weekend!

    Kristin xx

  7. I love the V&A too! It's definitely one of the many great things about London. :)

  8. Ok, I HAVE to go. Thanks for giving me the nudge. (And the tip to book online.) Did you see the recent film, Young Victoria? Emily Blunt was amazing in it. Lovely film.