Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Soho Says: Veg Out, Eat Your Sprouts

Somewhere in my carnivorous lifestyle, I forgot to take a pause and enjoy veggie foods. Not because I dislike them, nor because I find them boring, but mostly because, in my effort to put into my body a balanced combination of nutritious vitamins, carbs and proteins, I always think that I have to put meat on my plate. I'm just a very very ignorant Vegetarian eater. If you were to ask me to name five foods, which sound like a veggie but actually fall into the protein category, I could name you one: nuts? And maybe beans. And, what about tofu? I actually happen to hate tofu. Actually hate is a strong word for something I find to have absolutely zero flavour. Though I have grown to the idea of shoving it into a veggie dish just for the protein factor. I am becoming more and more open minded to the veggie diet. Some say it's healthier, it's less murderous and surely, you want to believe all the theories about the veggie diet preventing against some types of cancer. I want to believe those theories. I really do.

So I accompanied a Veggie eater to this curious place in Soho, on Berwick Street, called Beatroot. It's not a particularly charming place. It almost feels like a fast-food joint. The colourful walls, chairs-attached-to-the-table, and minimalistic deco of the place are not particularly inviting. But, you do get a tremendously rich variety of veggie dishes, made from fresh produce and more than anything, made with veggie love. Their moussaka, dilled coleslaw, basil pasta and roasted veggies are like little slices of veggie heaven. 

These guys (creating, making and serving the food) are passionate about the diet, they speak highly of it, they really praise the veggie lifestyle. They don't look down on carnivores but they kind of want you to convert so they smile a lot, they bounce a lot and fill out your lunch boxes til your stomach can't take it anymore. 

That's a nice difference to most lunch places, where the lunch boxes are always only a third filled up. I hate that. Anyways, gotta go try out this place. Plus it's in the midst of Soho, on a surprisingly charming street, and it will make you feel like you're doing something good to your body. At least that once.


  1. I am definitely not easily tempted by anything vegetarian but the one place that is a big exception in my book is "food for thought" on Neal street, the place is amazing. I will try out Beatroot, who knows...maybe I can add it to my acceptable Veggie list.

  2. Have you tried Tibits (off Regent Street)? I only ever went to their mothership in Zurich, but as I assume the food is more or less the same, it's supposed to be good.

  3. wow the food looks fantastic, the pictures want me to eat pasta now for breakfast!

  4. Hiya. I guess you've seen your name on the list already. Time to choose your perfect picture! xxx MM

  5. What a wonderful place that I think would do well in San Francisco. It reminds me of a great place called The Plant Cafe here. The food fills you up without over doing it. http://www.theplantcafe.com/