Friday, 15 January 2010

A Work (shop) of Art

Sometimes I forget how much Shoreditch has to offer. And that includes pretty much everything from restaurants, shops, cafes and art galleries. Ever been to White Cube in Hoxton Square? My favourite gallery- great featured artists, fantastic space. Love it. Shoreditch High Street is filled with street-side gems, Redchurch leads into Boundary Street, which in my mind, is one of the coolest East London side streets. Charlotte Street, dotted with cool vintage and retro boutiques is a like a strip of New York's Lower East Side. Lately, I have been staying away from Shoreditch. Too far. Too lazy. Call me a snob. Call me all those names you used to call your little brother when he gave you an unexpected wedgie.

Yesterday, I ventured out to Liverpool Street though, and strolling down from Bigshopsgate and onto Shoredtich high Street, I stumbled into Squint Furniture store. Not a typical furniture store I must say. The upstairs room is a gallery space, I guess with some pieces made in the recent days. The downstairs part is a combination of a show space and workshop space. Cool. In an effort to cover my camera from the curious eyes of the store keeper, I snapped picture after picture of these truly original bespoke pieces, made, not from scratch but nearly. Prices vary from £300 to £1500. Depends on the detail or size of the item. But the most important thing to know is that all pieces are made to order. You could almost call it a DIY project. Almost.

Mirrors, chandeliers, lamps and bedside tables, patchwork eye candy for everyone, but that's if you like the patchwork thing. I, myself, am a big fan. The craftsy combination of pieces of fabric jumbled together to make one large colourful truly one of a kind piece of cloth has always fascinated me. Now slap the whole thing on an antique sofa or chair. You've got a work of art. And if you don't dig the patchwork thing, it's pretty cool regardless. 


  1. Love, love their stuff! We have a whimsical kitchen, so that chandelier would be so much fun to display. And that mirror is great as well. So envious of the shops where you live - so trendy and fun!

  2. I used to work right near there and should have taken the time to check it out more at lunchtimes instead of taking the number 8 bus up West!