Thursday, 31 March 2011

As Close As It Gets to the French Pharmacy

There is one really huge thing I miss about France these days, aside from, well okay, a lot of things. But lately, what with Springtime being nigh, the sunshine lending us its delicious rays and pollen allergies kicking in, I feel a dire need of a pharmacy run. I generally get my pharma-fix once a year, when visiting family and friends in Paris. I spend about 60 euros (who am I kidding, 100?) on Homeopathics, shampoos and conditionners, body oils, waxing strips, curing creams and gels, and last but not least, my beta-carotene sun capsules (from Oenobiol Solaire). I just find the pharmacy experience that much more pleasant over there. I guess I'm just a bit of a pharma-snob. And judge me all you want, but I'm just not that big of a Boots fan. There is no such thing as an enjoyable Boots run. It's get in and get out. So where to go where Lifestyle Guru Gwyneth shops for her fantastic pharmaceuticals? I found just the place today on my Covent Garden lunch run.

The Garden Pharmacy is as close as it gets to a good-old fashioned, vintage French apothecary and carries all of the essential go-to French products. Here are some of my body and healthcare products of choice:

 Oscillococcinum: the homeopathic cure-all for seasonal flus

 Caudalie Makeup Remover: gentle and strong at once; no need to use 2 cotton swabs, one is enough

 Biotherm Aquathermale Spa Body Scrub: exfoliator and scrub for the body

Avene Eau Thermale: perfect mist of clean, mineral water for irritated and dry skin

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse: For a smoothe and silky skin on those summer nights

 Klorane Shampoo and Conditionner: For all hair types; leaves your hair feeling rich and healthy

No need to plan your next Parisian trip around your cosmetics. Find all you'll ever need in terms of delicious cosmetics in the midst of busy Central London, but enjoy your pharmacy run too!


  1. I've walked past this particular pharmacy so many times but never been in - have heard really good things about Klorane so shall pay this place a visit soon - had no idea they carried all the good stuff above...

  2. Oscillococcinum... The only problem is that it's four time the price than in France. And I kind of like having an excuse to get on the Eurostar and go to Paris.
    "Darling, I just quickly dash out to get some shampoo..." :-)

  3. LOVE it there- went for a stock up a few weekends ago... it's so good for just rooting around and buying stuff you've never heard of that works. I'm obsessed with European pharmacies, partly because they are to Europe what newsagents are to the UK- there are far to many of them! but also they just have all this amazing treasure.

    So when last there I got Phyto shampoo and some Essie nail stuff and brown bastiste, which is hard to find and some other weird creams I don't know the name of

  4. @Rose Thanks for the tip lovely Rose! I've heard of Phyto products but totally want to try their shampoo now. That place could be totally obscure but it really has it all, including the weird creams you don't know the names of;) x LZ

  5. One of my favourite things of going to France is rummaging around in the pharmacies - any excuse though!

  6. The do not have sleeping pills Donormyl. Anyone know where I can get this is London. Stock running low, I buy in France when I go.

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