Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Muffins Are So Yesterday

#Forget about doughnuts, gelato and choc chip cookies
#Muffins are so yesterday
#At Wafflemeister I lost my heart
#OMG, just discovered WM and I'm in heaven

These are some of the tweets on Wafflemeister's Twitter. That's right, it's all about waffles these days (yes, and about Twitter too, as I've discovered for myself). And guess what? Waffles don't have to be rich in fat, sugar and cholesterol to be a tasty delight. At Wafflemeister, that's not what it's about. The all-natural Waffle dough recipe at the South Ken Waffle Bar is made from organic and fresh ingredients, and topped with all-natural chocolate, berries, nuts, whipped cream and coconut flakes! Have it for breakfast, dessert or for your 5pm snack. Have it as a midnight munch. The place is open til 00:00. You can go for the no-fuss dark or milk chocolate drizzle option or the banana, nuts and fudgetastic waffle spectaculaire. Hey, what other important decisions do you have to make this week?

Check out WM's new Notting Hill spot on Portobello Road.

Zesties. Go. Indulge.

26 Cromwell Place
SW7 2DL 
020 7193 8649
137 Portobello Road
London W11 2DY
020 7221 1153

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  1. I work in South Ken so walk by it all the time and you know what, I've never had one. I haven't had a snog yet either and it's right there too. I think I'm going to have to try it soon- the pic with strawberries looks delish!

  2. I became addicted to waffles when I lived in Belgium for a while so good to hear there is a place to get my fix closer to home!

  3. We should go together soon. I haven't seen you in ages. And since Big M became all wheat-sugar-nasty-free (he really does look good though), I have lost my partner in culinary crime. LOL MMxx

  4. Yum! I have been throwing waffle and champagne brunch parties for the last 10 years on sunny Sundays, so glad to hear I am now right on trend!

    They are SO delicious though, and a favourite is free range ham with maple syrup and fresh organic strawberries. The weirdest combination but it is sublime.

    You have had a most interesting life, living in so many wonderful spots. A grand adventure!