Monday, 29 March 2010

Boys Will Be Boys

I've been receiving a few comments by a couple of my male followers lately. Yes I have male followers indeed, believe it or not, and they are slowly losing interest in what LondonZest has to say about waxing, eyebrows and fashionology 101. Shaved by the bell. In this entry, I have decided to focus my attention on something quite male-skewed. Actually, it's completely male-skewed but could definitely be of interest to some of my "married or in relationships" lady followers. If you've got a Dad or a brother, this may be of interest to you too. Well basically, after much rambling, this is for everyone. 

Last weekend, as I was meandering down Old Street, I stumbled upon this gem of a spot- an old-school barbershop and traditional (yet super hip) English male grooming salon. At Murdock Shoreditch (there are 2 others- one in Mayfair and one at Liberty's), you can get the pampering you've always deserved without feeling embarrassed about it. No more sneaking out of the house on Saturday at dawn to make sure your girlfriend doesn't see the excitement on your face as you head to the hair/nail/shaving salon around the corner. No more lying in her face about the manicure "you never got, what are you talking about?" and no more of those "manicures are for gay people" comments. There is nothing girly about this man's man haven of English elegance. Walking into this wooden, leather and shaving cream scented 20 square meter box, you'll find yourself to be overwhelmed with the sensation of manliness.

It's all about the wet shave at Murdock, the most precise and traditional shaving technique there ever was and ever will be. In addition, your man can enjoy a nice and manly shampoo, a hair trim, a curly little mustache, or a buff and scruffy manly beard.

The perfect gift for the man in your life (or for yourself if you are the man in question), the shaving gift boxes will make any of his male friends raging with jealousy. Gift certificates for a 2 hour traditional wet shave or a mustache trim are available to purchase and quite the show stealer at a birthday party gathering. So don't hesitate to splurge on the man in your life. He will pay you back in due time.


  1. Curly little moustache? You make it sound so tempting, I might grow one myself. ;)

  2. Em, thanks for looking out. Now i know where I will go on my next visit to see you guys in London. Though you marketed this as for the men, I know (as a fact) that women will love the touch of our skin post-rasage, they can't take their hands of my face once it's as smooth as a baby's bottom!!

  3. ... Thank you. More of these manly posts and i might change my profile from "anonymous" to "Mr. Mustache". That place looks amazing, i will definitely check it out.

  4. Are you familiar with Penhaligans? I think they had a cute little shop in the city, upper east (ny) this post reminded me of the store.

  5. Hehe! I work on this street. I took some photos of this place a while back, in case they were ever useful for a blog post. You beat me! Love that the window says 'Something for the weekend?'

    We could've met for coffee!

  6. Caroline! I did beat you to it...but to be fair you beat me to a lot of other cool stuff:) Didnt notice the window writing!
    Coffee would have been great!

    Alfonso: you are the brave man writing on my blog:) the other guy I know (ahem) will only call himself anonymous! And the baby's bottom skin...not sexy! A little stubble never hurt anyone;)