Monday, 15 March 2010

Lobster & Roses: The Posh Version of the Surf n' Turf

For all of you who haven't noticed it yet, Spring has sprung. Yes it's springtime in London, finally! Gotta love it here when the weather is this bright and cheerful. I love it. I feel great, ready for whatever is to come my way. Bring it on. The spring flowers are beginning to bloom, kids are running and scooting around with Mum & Dad in Hyde Park, pub terrasses are crowding up, I am riding my bicycle everywhere, enjoying the outdoors, breathing in the London spring air. One of the great plusses of spring is the amazing luxury of time that we seem to suddenly have. We sit outdoors for hours and we enjoy - a chilled glass of white wine on the tip of your lips.

The smell of freshly-cut roses and tulips from a neighboring florist. 

The sight of a large metal tray packed with fresh, sea-scented, lemony oysters. 

The sound of crackling lobster claws and the feeling of salty meaty juice trickling down your chin.

The smell of fresh spring air. A great place to enjoy all of these magical sensations. The Oyster Bar at the Bibendum on Old Brompton Road offers almost all of the above. All you need is a little company to enjoy the moment with and you're good to go. The special historic Michelin building does not only house the cool and hip Conran Shop but it also offers the best combination of seafood and flowers all in one place. Gorgeous flowers might I add. There are no other places like this, in London, or anywhere. It is what it is: a chance for a delightful Saturday afternoon in the middle of springtime.


  1. I just love this post! Who doesn't want to drink that white wine, buy those flowers and eat those oysters (even though I am not particularly fond of oysters). Sooo glad it's spring time! And the gorgeous house on my post, btw, is located in Fort Myers, Florida! Have a nice spring day!


  2. And the fantastic thing about the Bibendum Oyster bar is that it is actually inside but you feel like you are sitting outside... so on these beautiful blue-sky spring Sundays that are not quiet warm enough to sit outside it delivers a great feeling of what is yet to come...

  3. Yes, yes, yes! At last spring has arrived: and I'm just commenting to say I've stumbled across your blog and I absolutely love it

  4. What a wonderful description of springtime in London! A glass of white wine on a patio, watching people walk by - pure heaven!

  5. Absolutely gutted we didn't make it on Saturday. Plus, it's images like the above that make me want to move further INTO London as opposed to OUT OF London. Oh dear.

  6. MM: So sad we didn't get to do our Swiss Lunch either! but maybe this is a sign we have to do an Easter one? xxx

    JMW: couldn't agree more. Springtime is best enjoyed with vino and people watching:)

    Linda: So glad you like the blog. It's always nice to hear it from the newcomers.

    Kristin: the funny thing is, I don't even like oysters myself, but they do make me think of sea and sunshine:)

  7. em all i can think about now is seafood and wine have u tried the fish bar on kensington chrurch st?