Monday, 15 February 2010

Friday Night Delight

With no plans in sight on Friday night but a spontaneous pub dinner with friends in the neighborhood, I cycled down my street to meet my friends on Notting Hill's notoriously wet Westbourne Park Road to grab some grub at the famous Conran-owned pub The Cow. I dismounted my bike only to find that the buzzing pub was already packed with people and the windows were steamed from the warm breaths of giddy English drinkers. 

I smiled, it was exactly what I needed. I was home. My friends were already there, waiting, sipping on a pint or two. And the great thing was, as we looked around curiously, we all turned back to each other, and smiled at the fact that it was Friday. We were all so pleased to be there. After waiting for our table, the waitress sat us down at the cozy corner by the fire place where we were sure to get overheated. But we didn't care. The menu came by, we didn't dare to open it. We knew what we wanted. There is no point in denying it, we all skipped the part where we all pretend to be open-minded about what we're going to order, and we fast-forwarded to the part where we call upon the waitress for three fish stews and a chilled bottle of cabernet. A small grin appeared on her face, as she is of course, is used to this non diversity of orders, since the place is, after all, renowned for its mouth-watering fish stew.

The plates arrived and there are no words to describe our sense of ecstasy. It was like we had been working hard that whole week and waiting for a moment special like that one to make all of our troubles disappear. One sip of the soup, one bite into the aioli toast, and one munch of the steaming fish chunks later, it was done, we were in paradise. If you ask me, there is noting more satisfying than going to a restaurant where there is no choosing to be made. You've known what you wanted to eat that whole week, have been day dreaming about it for the last couple hours and you know this will hit the spot just right if you accompany it with a glass of wine. But then again, that's just my idea of a perfect Friday night. What's yours?


  1. So funny, I feel like I am re-living my mid- to late-twenties through you. Big M and I had one of our first dinners as a couple upstairs at the Cow's dining room.

  2. There is nothing like a Friday night out with friends! Hope you had a great weekend and a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  3. That fish stew looks amaaazing! I'm a big fan of a nice large glass of vino with friends on a Friday night too. Can't beat it! xx

  4. in the summer drinking on the pavements in central London followed by cocktails after dark- or drinks in the park or by the river.

    In winter to our favourite local pub at home or even at home with lots of wine and pasta

  5. I love British pubs - I'll add this one to my list!