Friday, 12 February 2010

Hitting the Bars after Work

There seems to be quite a fascination with turning everything into bars here lately: you've got wax bars, nail bars, now you've even got brow bars. Yeah, brow bars. Kind of like personal grooming is now to be associated with something fun, like hitting the bar with your mates after work. If you ask me, grooming is not always fun. Waxing hurts the living hell out of me, and still does every time I get it done professionally. Getting my eyebrows done is a chore and I tend to do my nails at home mostly because mani pedis in London make me broke. I am starting to think this bar business is just a scheme created by grooming professionals to trick customers into thinking there is alcohol served at the end of the treatment just to relieve them of the pain.

Blink Brow Bar is yet another bar to be found at Harvey Nichols and Selfridges, though don't be fooled. It's for eyebrow grooming only. Don't go there with the hopes of getting tipsy cuz it's just not that kind of a place. For £17, you can walk in and get your eyebrows done right then and there and be out in a flash. 

The masterful Indian threading techniques (strings tangled up together to naturally pull each hair out of their follicles) are excercized to their full potential over at Blink, and they'll leave you feeling and looking clean and spectacular. You'll find yourself surrounded by girliness in a mini salon full of buzz but no fuss. It's quick and dirty and surprisingly good value for money. With such a meticulous technique as threading and results like these you'll find yourself quickly addicted. And for good reason. Good eyebrows are under-rated. But if you fancy a "facelift" and a natural "injection" of Botox, getting your eyebrows shaped at Blink gets the job done and will leave you looking something similar to this: (misleading marketing, moi?)


  1. Great post, you did make me smile! Wouldn't it all be so much more fun if alcohol was actually involved....well, sometimes anyway!

    Mani/pedis are super-expensive in London aren't they....and I'm with you on the waxing, I've been having it done for years and no, it nevers hurts any less, even though I always convince myself it might do!

    I have heard good things about the threading at Selfridges and quite fancy giving that a try....especially I am going to walk out looking like that ;)

    Happy Friday!

  2. Oh I so miss the mani / pedi bars in the US. Whenever we pop back, its one of the first things I do. Can't find anywhere here that actually does a pedi without it being more of a chiropodist!

    After a wax, they should probably serve you a stiff G&T don't you think?

  3. I've see those girls at Harvey Nics ... it's like a 'fast-food' eyebrow bar!
    I hate the fact that everyone can watch you as you have it done ... pain and all!
    I actually saw a guy having it done at Frasers beauty counter at Westfields ... he was bright red .. and that wasn't only the eyebrows!

    Have a beautiful valentines weekend!

  4. there is a really good brow place by holborn which is just £10, they are really good, and a rival to they do it in a private room! i dont think id like people to watch!


  5. Am a big threading fan but have been out of the routine since Christmas- need to get back on it and put those wax strips away!

    I love that rose gel they put on as well!