Tuesday, 9 February 2010

V-Day's Coming up: Give it Some Heart

I'm normally not such a big fan of Comme des Garcons. I find it quite intellectual, not that wearable and generally a little too...trying "too hard to be edgy." It's what I call "unnatural fashion", the kind of fashion that one wears to call attention to oneself. Not in the way some people sport the LV and Gucci print bags. But in the way that Comme des Garcons, just in its pure artistic form, is heardly ever a proper piece of clothing but rather an assemblage of fabrics put together hapharzardly to create what some people may call fashion.

The Dover Street Market, Mayfair

However, for the sake of following the footsteps of my fellow bloggers and buying into the media frenzy that is the commercial celebration of Valentine's day, I found it only appropriate to talk about the designer's Play collection at the Dover Street Market. Only because it's all about that weird two-eyed heart that pops out of the garment like a red pimple on a cheek, and only because I happen to love DSM. So here are some of my favourite pieces from the Play collection from Comme des Garcons, available upstairs at the Dover Street Market.

I'm loving the striped stuff these days so this one obviously caught my eye and I'm also really into polo shirts again, finding them much cooler now than I have in the past. For some reason, I could never figure out how to wear the preppy pieces "un-preppy" but I find that this one would look great with a pair of cut-off jean shorts and some Havaianas. And the thing that I love about the white tee with the giant red heart on it, well, that's just coz it's V-Day, baby.

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  1. Oh, but I love preppy. This has written Met Mum all over it!! Sadly, we agreed on no presents this V-day. It's getting all a bit much with anniversaries, wedding anniversaries. birthdays... And you know how good I am at remembering dates, haha.
    There's an idea. Why not make myself a present. It's important to love yourself, isn't it? ;) xx MM

  2. kathy peck leeds9 February 2010 at 07:20

    I agree with you about Comme des Garcons, except for their white shirts, they do make great ones. Love the "play" stuff you posted though. xxK

  3. I'm not a fan of CdeG either - fashion that is way too difficult for me. However, I do really like the striped / nautical / Frenchish style here. And the heart T is a perfect little nod to Valentines Day without getting all soppy and mushy and pink (definitely not into that).

  4. I love your picks, especially the striped shirt!
    I have left something for you over at my blog! Have a great week!

  5. I think those tops are kind of cute! :) Not really into fashion (can never translate looks from the runway into real life) but I liked your picks :)

  6. play collection is HUGE here in Singapore. and i agree, i like the hearts for v-day

  7. Met Mum: I couldnt agree more, love yourself, treat yourself, its the best way to make sure you get the right stuff too:)

    Kathy: The Play stuff is the only wearab;e stuff by CDG I think...I love that striped tee so much!

    Victoria: I know! Its perfect for V-day! not too girly...which is great.

    Lily: thank you so much for your blog nod. I feel honored to be mentioned by such a talented blogger!

    Musical houses: thanks for the compliment. I take absolutely no credit though:)

    Linn: I can imagine the sings love the Play stuff. I guess CDG is very popular in Asia. Though I can't say I'm such a big fan of their regular collection, the Play stuff is very low key and unpretentious.

    Happy Valentines, zesties!