Monday, 7 September 2009

Colville Mews, Notting Hill

I've just been on the Blogger homepage to update my Blogger profile and for some strange reason, Blogspot decided it was important to mention that I am born the year of the rat. No idea why, they just did. So, after much time trying to figure out how to delete this superfluous piece of information, and to no avail, I decided to let it be. Now I am not one to believe in signs and silly premonitions but this is just too strange to not take as a sign. Right? I don't know, maybe I would have found it cooler to be born the year of the dragon or the spider or something. But the rat? Seriously? Yuck. Hmmm, I guess lil Frankie here is kinda cute.

Wait, wait, wait, this gets better...

Creative problem solver, check! Imaginative, check! Intuitive, check! Hey, this isn't so bad...
So, here I am, procrastinating, taking a break from my long and tedious dissertation writing, hoping to find some inspiration in the blogging process...and maybe from a little coffee break. So I get up from my numb-feeling bumm from all the sitting down, oh so ready to get inspired. I picked up a delicious cappucino and muffin at Tom's Deli on Westbourne Grove and strolled around the block weaving in and out of mews quarters, sipping and munching away, hoping to find some answers. Looking into the cute little Colville Mews, I was intrigued by the big Temperley sign, tucked away behind the white brick walls of the mews alley. Not that I was thinking of going more shopping for me (I'm living on student budget, which means the cash flow is pretty much non-existent), but I found myself to be smiling at how adorable this remote area of busy Notting Hill was. Crazy! I've been living close by for months, and I've never even noticed this little treasure of a street?

Not only that, but next to Temperley is the tiny Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising, which if you're into media, marketing, fashion, branding, advertising and pop culture in general, like I totally am, you'll have to make a special detour to check out! Right now, it is featuring a show on the very best of Guiness Advertising over 250 years and it is a really fun 30 minutes so go take a look!

        Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising in Notting Hill

On the other side of Temperley, you'll also find the small Pippa Small Jewelry boutique, which offers beautifully crafted bracelets, necklaces and earrings that are both ethnic and chic, a look that totally befits the Notting Hill vibe. Her style is cool and fresh and all of it is handmade! She also uses real stones, from amethyst and emerald to Lapis and Quartz, which make for truly special pieces.

                            Pippa Small's Bolivian Blue Pebble

So next time you're in my hood, either come and visit me, or go check out Notting Hill's hidden treasures in Colville Mews off Lonsdale Road.

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