Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The Road with All the Cool Saints, continued

The autumn has officially kicked off and I'm sure you ladies are all eager to get on with the Autumn gear and slip into those hot boots of yours. Let's face it, boots are cool, and yes, very very London. I have a favorite pair myself that I have been saving for a very special autumn day. They are eagerly waiting for me to pick them out of my sea of ballerinas, sandals and little white tennies. They are perfect and I love them and I wouldn't swap them for any other pair ever, nuh uh...I just have to switch out of summer mode...hmmm.

They do the trick wonderfully with anything from a mini skirt and some thick grey wool tights to over some skinny blues and a warm cozy jumper. You can get yourself the exact same pair at The Jacksons on the lovely All Saints Road in Notting Hill. And if you're willing to invest for a pair of sandals for next summer, they have a really lovely selection of those too.

The shop is a cute little boutique that you wouldn't normally see if you were to aimlessly walk down the thick artery of Westbourne Park Road on your way to the Westbourne Pub or Portobello Road. But then again, after following all of my fantastic entries on the All Saints Road, you might just know better by now. And after all of my fantastic entries, you are could be closer than ever to reaching local status, and that, my zesty bloggers, is a pretty awesome achievement.

Here is the catch: the boots cost around £240. They're a great investment though and the shopping experience on the All Saints Road and at The Jacksons makes it worth your while. And you might just want to be patient and wait til the sales hit the town so you can get them for a whopping £180, just like I did. Ah, and I love them so, I really do!

                                          The Jacksons, All Saints Road


  1. ooo, i really love those boots

  2. I know, aren't they great? They're my fave, I wear them with everything, you should defo get a pair!!!