Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The Road with All the Cool Saints

I have been in the mood for some alternative sightseeing lately and if you're used to the Notting Hill crowd- no comment, I know, I am one of them- you'll be really excited to discover the breath of fresh air that is the adorable alternative All Saints Road. This street is a little slice of heaven right off the busy Westbourne Park Road and minutes away from the touristy Portobello Road in Notting Hill. The All Saints Road is, in fact, my latest discovery and my most exciting one at that. Remember my entry on the Dutchie bicycle? You must. That was the moment you questioned your LondonZest loyalty and considered navigating away from the crazy bike girl blog and going back to the good ol' Perez. Well, if you're still here- you rock- then you'll probably remember that the Bicycle Workshop was also a quirky inhabitant of this cutting-edge and unique street. I know most of you don't care much for two-wheeled recommendations and that you'd prefer reading about yummy restaurants...Well, hold your horses, I've got just what you want.

If you're craving some Italian home-style cooking and looking for a cool alternative to the Notting Hill classics such as the Oak or Osteria Basilico (no bashing, all loving), look no further cuz you've found your match on the zesty tucked away All Saints Road just heartbeats away. The awesomely divine pastas and pizzas at The Ripe Tomato will make you drool all over your recently acquired American Apparel v-neck tee and make you want to switch from occasional visitor/tourist to local regular. You'll be able to choose anything from the classic Amatriciana and Carbonara pasta dishes to the always-a-success quattro formaggi pizza; and the great thing is, you'll savor every last bit of it, cuz it's just so damn good and well, so damn cheap. This hot spot boasts diners that are trendy, diverse, cool, quirky and original. You'll think that they've just wheeled themselves over with their Dutchy from their quirky flat round the corner just to meet up with their equally quirky and cool friends. I'll have to reiterate this for you: this is a must go and a must check-out!

                                    The Ripe Tomato, All Saints Road

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