Monday, 14 September 2009

LondonZest Beautifies

There is nothing like a £50 mani pedi to make you think twice about living in London. But yet again, this tends to be my sentiment about London prices in general. Tell me, why is it so hard to find an inappropriately low paid Vietnamese-employed, hygenically-challenged nail salon in this town?? New York has them strewn about everywhere, why why why does London have to be so PC all the time??? 
I have lived here a year now and I've gotten a professional, let's see...twice! And don't even get me started on the waxing. And so, I am ashamed to admit that beautifying and taking care of my girly self has not been such a top priority these days. Instead, I find other ways to brush, groom and paint my body parts and extremities. Yes, like most girls, I do it pun intended.

As low budget as self-beautifying can be, it does get tedious. At times, it gets boring and at times, excruciatingly dangerous, especially when it comes to applying hot liquids to your skin, in and around obscure areas. But what girl doesn't need to indulge once in a while? I was told that the less you treat yourself to the small luxuries in life, the more you appreciate them. The truth is, the less you treat yourself to the beauty salon, the uglier you get. That's the truth. And no, my friend, ain't no appreciation in an ugly pair of hands and feet or the inability to put on a bikini. And I know a self-made manicure seems like a walk in the park for most of you, but for some reason, I can just never stay inside the lines! Well, maybe it's because I could never do it even when I was little and trying it in my coloring book. 

There's nothing like a little splurge to make you feel fresh and girly again. In fact, I happen to really look forward to my trip to the spa, and also really enjoy it once I'm there. My personal favorite spa in London would have to be the Savannah Urban Spa, on the quiet and charming Hereford Road in Notting Hill, not only because it's close by to my flat, but because the prices are pretty reasonable (bikini waxes range from £20 to 30 and mani pedis from £25 to 35), the service is quick and professional, and they actually really care about their customers. I'll also have to admit that I really really enjoy their mood music; and I'll sometimes find myself swaying side to side until the manicurist has to tell me to stop moving cuz I'm making her slip. But seriously, this place is a true find, so what are you waiting for? Go get pretty!!!
                                Savannah Urban Spa, Hereford Road

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  1. Mani pedi for under £30, just round the corner from where you live.
    For more things un-PC, just ask.

    Yours truly,