Monday, 28 September 2009

Mayfair Lady at the Rose Bakery

I am moving again! Weeeeeee! Not far, just a smidgen south of where I am at the moment. My flat is a mess, my head is a mess, my life...well, is a mess, but surprisingly I am still standing. My student days are behind me, and I am looking forward now. To what? Yeah. About that. I have no friggin clue but at least I am looking forward, right? I've always been a fan of staying positive, though, and enjoying the wee things in life that make you feel special. Like for example: I looooove cupcakes or any baked goods with frosting on top. There's something about the fluff of the dough mixed with the nutty crunchiness and the smoothness of the creamy rich squirt of heaven that they put on top, that makes me feel all fuzzy inside. It's a mystery to me why I haven't keeled over from gluttony yet. My friends at work used to call me the closet fat kid. Soooooo un-PC, right? I thought so. Take a cinnamon roll from Gail's for example.  Isn't funny how something so sweet and delicious can give you a better perspective on life. What about a lovely dinner with friends on a Saturday night? Isn't fantastic how being around the people you love makes you feel warm, happy and full of glee. 
A good friend of mine visited from Paris last weekend. As we were aimlessly meandering down Piccadilly on Friday, she had the glorious idea of popping into Dover Street Market for a bite of lunch. No need to express to you how awesomely quirky this store is. Most of you Londoners have probably already been and it's no news to you that this is a real London hot spot...even though you probably don't end up buying anything most of the time (Comme des, who wears that?). You also probably have elevatored yourself up to the fourth floor (4F) where you catch yourself standing in the middle of a magical London lunch spot. The Rose Bakery at DSM is what I call a true London gem. It has everything from the yummy soups, quiches and salads, organic granola and cappucinos (cappuccini?), the absolute best carrot cake you have EVER tasted, and it is crowded with the cool Mayfair fashion, art and advertising professionals, who add to a decor that is at once sophisticated and relaxed. It is the hub of all that is cool in Mayfair. And the great thing is, on a warm and sunny day, you can take it all outside onto the balcony, where you can look down onto Albermarle Street and the rooftops of the Brown's Hotel. You'll enjoy a truly fantastic London moment and will leave happy, satisfied and a wee bit plumpier.

Rose Bakery at Dover Street Market

Carrot Cupcake at the Rose Bakery


  1. Comme des garcons, I knoooow! What ever happened to wearability? There was a time when they did fancy stuff that wouldn't get you booked into a clinic for nutters. I used to own a few lovely pieces. That's... erm... 12 years ago. Oh dear.

    PS: A little mess every now and then only gives you the opportunity to go through your clutter, sort out your stuff and start fresh. And an excuse to sit down in the middle of it, cry in your hanky and open a bottle of bubbly. Happy moving! :)

  2. I think it's cappuccini. We say spaghetto for one strand, right? And what about linguino? I've never only had just one so I'm not sure.

  3. I like Carrot cake on a balcony. Can we do that in the winter when I come visit???

  4. Met Mum! Thanks for your words of comfort! If only I owned a hanky!:) The bubbly part I can definitely work on though. Hope Little L. gets lots better for Saturday! xxx

  5. i really want some cupcakes and carrot cake. so when i come to london next i want to go to all the best breakfast and bakery places and just eat and eat? yesss, there a fat kid living in me as well

  6. My darling! We can both be fat kids in London and we'll have a jolly good time! Can't wait to get fat and happy together!!! xxx