Friday, 18 September 2009

Waky waky, eggs and baky!

Have you ever craved eggs and bacon so much that you were ready to do anything, absolutely anything???!! Did that anything include waiting for just a little too long outside on a cold winter day, in front of a breakfast joint in Islington, til your bum was numb, your nose boogers turned into icycles and your fingers were about to fall off one by one? hmmm, wait, that was me...

Way back when I lived in the city of Angel (no, not LA, I mean the area around Angel tube station, where the cool kids hang...yeah right, like I could ever live in LA...), I used to drag myself to Camden Passage off Upper Street just to make it to the phenomenal breakfast place, famously known as The Breakfast Club, by 9:30am, opening time. I am quite the early riser and also fancy the early bird special occasionally, so that is no hard task for me. The problem is though, I have a growling, grumbling, angry stomach by the time I've gotten out of bed, brushed my teeth and smacked my lip balm on, and it just won't settle down til I stuff something, anything (!!!) down my throat to calm it down. At The Breakfast Club, you will wait a teensy bit long if you arrive, on a weekend, 5 minutes past opening time. SO that's why, ever since my arms, hands and feet alike, nearly fell off my body, I have learned my lesson.Well, lesson well learned and lesson well worth it! This breakfast is by far the best breakfast I have ever eaten in London, so far.


Not only is the food so damn good, but the smoothies and shakes will absolutely rock your world! So if you're not full after you've wolfed down your sizzling crispy bacon bits and atomic yellow scrambled eggs, you can just settle for the over-the-top flufftastic pancakes or just a freshly squeezed OJ or smoothie. The wait is a bit off-putting especially when it's cold outside, but the staff is friendly and the food is just too good to pass. So go get fat and happy! You won't regret it! The great thing is, if you're around the hood for lunch on a weekday, lunch is equally good, but the wait is non-existent!

                           The Breakfast Club, Camden Passage, Islington

The adorable pedestrian Camden Passage is tucked away behind the Upper Street madness and is jam-packed with little boutiques, furniture, vintage clothing and antique gems if you're up for a digestive walk after your feast. Make a short stop at Annie's Vintage Clothing and Costumes for a fun flashback to the roaring twenties a la London, and breathe in the delightful cacao smells and goodies by checking out Paul A. Young's fine chocolate store, yum yum yummmmmm!!!!


  1. I want atomic yellow eggs! eggs in NY are so white and bland!

  2. oh that blogger name is from the blog I work on for work haha we are called the trendtroika (this is Liv)

  3. That is sooo funny! I was wondering who that was! Remember the atomic yellow eggs from Raouls in Notting Hill?? Those are so good, it makes me wanna cry.

  4. i want atomic yellow raoul eggs too! so is this new place really the best of the best? good i love good breakfast. next time i am in london we should try every hot spot breakfast place and rate the best.

  5. It's the best! And it reminds me of Sound Bites. Good times.