Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Here Here Baby Gazelle, Come to Mommy

Ladies and gentlemen, the day has finally come for me to tell you all that I am closer than ever to achieving my dream of owning a Gazelle Dutch Style bicycle. The model in question is a modern make of the 1940s original version. It is a true piece of art and I will cherish it, cradle it, caress it til I am on my deathbed. Cross my heart.

Sunday afternoon, I went to the, and I quote, Most Beautiful Bicycle Shop in Britain (that's what they call it there so I'm not just making it up...and I agree), Bobbin Bicycles, on St John Street, in the heart of cute and quirky Islington. The place is filled with vintage two-wheeled jewels, retro helmets and funky bicycle accessories. The store director, Tom, is a delightful sweater-vest sporting character, and knows his product like his own child.

Not only that, the selection of bicycles is mind blowing. And I kid you not, zesties, the Gazelle Oma is a true beauty. It is sleek, it is simple, it is retro and it's feminine and it rides like a vintage Jaguar. The driving on the left side of the road is what is scaring me for the most part, but it's my belief, that after some practice runs around the block, a couple rides in Hyde Park and a few scratches and scares on the street, I will be riding my new Gazelle baby like a true London lady.

The Classic Gazelle 

My Gazelle Oma will be the cream version below. The below picture is a wee bit small but hopefully you get the idea. Add to that a smart looking helmet and a mailman-style panier, and I'm ready to roll.

 All in all, it is a magical bicycle. And in less than 2 weeks, it will be mine forever!!!


  1. this shop sounds amazing! may be a bicycle would be better then some vroom vroom!!!

  2. what a beauty! we'll have to go on a tour in summer with picnic hampers and all!

    xx MM

  3. Yay, you're finally getting your bike, thats so exciting!!!
    I wish I wasn't so afraid of bicycles or I'd be looking into doing the same when I'm there!
    Keep me posted on how your learning to drive on the left side of the street goes.

  4. You're so lucky - I'd love to buy a beautiful bike from Bobbin's. What fun. xx

  5. One of the best things about living in the Netherlands is riding my bike. I have a white Trek bike, accessorised with babyseat and paniers My little treasure Ruby just loves sitting up front waving her arms around. Great that you'll be braving the London traffic and on the left side too. Have fun.

  6. YOu ladies are so sweet! Yes I am quite excited about the bike...I am counting the days! That shop is a real gem, go check it out if you're a Londoner or have a chance. I will let you know how it all goes once I get it! xxx LZ

  7. Gorgeous bike! I am seriously lusting after it. What a lovely shop too--must check it out.

    xx lindsey (urbanmums)