Friday, 4 December 2009

Newburgh & Carnaby For Your Christmas Shopping

I'm a huge fan of the Christmas shopping experience. I know, you must think I'm mad and that there's nothing worse than rushing on the 24th of December in the cold and frosty afternoon, up and down the high street desperately trying to pick out your last gifts for that one person in your life you don't rally care about or even like that much. I get it, I do. That's why it's best to start your christmas shopping early. I've been shying away from the high street stores trying to find the hidden gems, boutiques and personal finds that will make those happy faces shine on D-day. That's my favourite part. The happy faces. And just because of those, I enjoy my Christmas shopping.

Working at Oxford Circus, I find it incredibly difficult to find a quiet area nearby to take a breather. That's why Carnaby and Newburgh Streets are little slices of heaven right off the beaten paths of Regent and Oxford Streets. I love these two little streets. I actually stumble upon something new everytime and my eyes always sparkle at every new shop that opens. In between Liberty's, creative artsy "everything" stores, cool dress shops (like the adorable Beyond the Valley) and cute lil cafes, you'll find a whole afternoon worth of activities, to enjoy especially around Christmas time.

Liberty Back View on Newburgh Street

Beyond the Valley, Newburgh Street

If you're around the hood for dinner, take a 15 minute walk down and around the area to digest. You'll find the evening lights to be most refreshing.


  1. it's one of my favourite areas for a lost hour/ day too- with a Leon lemonade if possible

  2. I am dying to visit that area some day - looks wonderful!

  3. Working at OC??? We really have to catch up!!
    We have been on a shopping trip around Covent Garden today, with dinner and drinks at the Covent Garden Hotel, the magical place where Big M proposed to me. (All together: awww...)

    Looking forward to see you soon!

  4. I have to admit I rather try to avoid London center in December - internet shopping seems so much more relaxed. Enjoy anyway! Sabine