Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Luxe Chocolate in the Heart of Marylebone

I've been stuffing myself silly lately, what with the hundreds of Lindt chocolate Santas and bunnies, chocolate covered almonds, and the five too many kinders and smarties that I had over the weekend... and  to tell you the truth, I don't know how much more of it I can take. I know the Holiday season is coming up but I've been stuck in the pre-Holiday season for far too long! I was just in Switzerland over the weekend where chocolate is like...peanut butter in the US. It's the best damn chocolate you can eat, the finest and the purest. And it's just so friggin good. Ok ok, so I know comparing chocolate to peanut butter is pretty much like murdering a baby kitten, but I am just so into the PBJ (Whole Foods homemade PBJ...oh I miss you dearly), that I have no other comparison to give.

Cocomaya Chocolatier on Connaught Street in Marylebone has noting to do with Lindt, Cadbury, Smarties or Ferrero. It's a whole new category all on its own, and I'd be lying if I told you it's just chocolate. Because it's not. It's luxe chocolate. It's fashionable chocolate. Imagine Prada chocolate. It's like that, except not Italian. The chocolatier is a lovely Northern Irish Cambodian man (I know! Go figure!) who is a true chocolate artist and who will revive your chocolate senses like Juliette Binoche did in Chocolat!

It was co-founded by the Liberty's guy and the Agent Provocateur lady...now you know what I'm talking about? If you're feeling festive and generous you can also have the chocolates made to measure for an exclusive and personal gift. Now they are making other things non-chocolate as well, which are just delectable, and you'll even drool over some miniature Damien Hirst chocolate skulls!


The shop is a delightful hidden gem off the high street of Marylebone. You'll want to retreat there forever and eat nothing but pure Luxe Irish Cambodian chocolate for the rest of your lives!



  1. I understand the chocolate/peanut butter comparison! I don't think I could live without one or the other :)
    I love that this chocolate is made by a Northern Irish Cambodian man ;)


  2. I am a chocolate fiend, so I can relate to overindulging. Of course, if I were in Switzerland among such treats, that would be the end of me!

  3. Jean: I know, how quirky is that?! I miss American PBJ...x

    JMW: I am dying!!! I have already put on 4 pounds and the real xmas period hasnt even begun! All the spinning in the world will not fix my over-indulgences:) x