Thursday, 17 December 2009

London's Best Kept Secret-The Sanctuary

Ever been to a place so tranquil in London, that you forgot you had just stepped out of the hussle and bussle of the city just five minutes prior? Goddam those crazy Christmas shopping Saturdays. I'd much rather be spa-ing and getting pampered in peace, while everyone else is stomping on each other, shouting obscenities to one another and swearing on their mother's life things you wouldn't want even your vulgar aunty to hear. That's right, a little massage here and there never hurt anybody. I can be selfish. We can all be selfish. Especially pre-Christmas. It's that time of year to be taking care of yourselves, ladies.

Last weekend, I was lucky and selfish enough to accompany a few close and equally selfish friends to The Sanctuary Spa, a peaceful and luxurious oasis of tranquility on the adorable paved Floral Street, smack in the middle of Covent Garden. If you decide you want to be selfish too, not only will you be pampered like never before, but you'll feel like Cleopatra on an opium cloud, bathing in milk, while being fed grapes straight from the grapevine, forgetting all of those nasty heartaches caused by your beloved Julius Cesar.

Treatments range from the signature oxygen and collagen facials, Thai and Swedish massages and mani pedis, to the more special treatments such as the sugar scrubs, floats, wraps and exfoliants. 

You can book 25 or 50 minutes and also enjoy the spa's many facilities all day long. You can lounge around, eating and reading, chatting with your friends and simply enjoy what the spa has to offer; great soothing aromas, lovely food, great spaces for you to spread out, and professional care. Call up for a day session at £69 and book the treatment of your choice to go along with it. You won't regret it. It doesn't look like much from the outside, but the inside is mystifying. 


  1. Oh what great memories I have of the Sanctuary. I've celebrated my birthday, my sisters birthday, and also my mums 50th there, and the odd occasion just for self-indulgence! At the end of the day, we would want to be magically transported home on a cloud as we felt sooo good. Great to see the swing is still going strong!

  2. okay...i'm sold! i think i need

  3. Lindsey: You definitely have to try iet! Best to go with someone...its that kind of place:) friend, sister, mother. Enjoy! x LZ