Thursday, 3 December 2009

The Marvelous Pure Pret Soda

I've just made the most fantastic discovery. Yesterday, as I was grabbing my regular lunch at Pret and quickly browsing through the shelves, I fell upon this curious looking soda...

In the spirit of trying new stuff out for the sake of my blog I grabbed the most appetizing one, the Sparkling Apple and went to pay at the counter shortly thereafter. The man at the cashier looked at me quizzically and said: "You look like you've never tried this one before." I responded "I've never tried any of them before!" The look on his face made it seem like I had just killed his grandma. I left feeling anxious and really really needy of that drink. How could I have been so out of the loop!??

As I popped the can open, the sound of sparkly sodium rich liquid tickled my ear and I had to have my frist sip. The man was right! By never trying this before, it was EXACTLY like I had killed his grandma! It was so unbelievable that I went back that afternoon to statiate my sugar fix.

I am now anxiously twisting in my chair waiting for my next lunch trip to Pret so I can pop open that marvelous Sparkly Apple Pure Pret Soda.

Next time you're popping into Pret, don't go for the obvious Diet Coke or Diet whatever, grab a "Sparkling Apple with Absolutely No Nasties". It's only 48kcal, it's made of pure stuff, and it takes care of that sugar fix.


  1. Sounds delicious! I wonder if we can get it in the States?

  2. I'm sure they do! They guy seemed to suggest that I was an alien for not knowing about this great drink! Definitely check it out:) x

  3. Next time I am in London I will be sure to pop a can of this fizz. I love your blog....xv

  4. This made me chuckle! The man in Pret obviously takes his job rather seriously! they are good aren't they. The apple is my fave but try the others- they're all fun! the waters are good too- especially the elderflower

    And the LOVE bars if you haven't

  5. Rose: Haha yes! He is so full of it! Now I'm dying to pop out to get a taste of that LOVE bar! Though I don't know how much love i'll be getting if I keep eating and drinking as much as I've been lately! Goodness..the holidays are coming up soon...I'm going to explode! x LZ

  6. I just got back from London and its the best drink ever! How do I order it by the case?