Saturday, 19 December 2009

Vintage Shopping-By Appointment

Thank you Daily Candy for leading me to this special place in Notting Hill, the second-hand clothing heaven on earth, Chic & Seek. Call up for a "relaxed" appointment (020 7229 4308) with lovely shop/home owner (that's right her shop is her home), Tara Nash-King, for the vintage ride of your life. Meandering in Notting Hill, you'll find her shop in a  "sleepy mews just stones throw away from Portobello Road and Ledbury Road." It's actually off All Saints Road, the coolest street in Notting hill where my fave Italian Restaurant, The Ripe Tomato, sits.

The mews house stocks the most beautiful dresses, shoes, handbags and everything vintage from the most exclusive designers and all for a quarter of the original retail price. She calls it "top-end fashion uniqueness available to all." Okay, okay, it's still expensive, you'll tell me, but the just for the experience, it's worth it. In one corner, you'll dig out a really special Roberto Cavalli dress while in the other you'll stumble upon awesome Gucci studded sandals.
Roberto Cavalli, size 8, £250

Gucci Sandals, size 36.5, £145

And it's not over! You'll also revel at the sight of last season's Louboutin platform sandals!

Louboutin Sandals, size 37.5, £135

Vanessa Bruno here, Isabel Marant there. Marni and Dries van Noten everywhere! It is truly as if you've stumbled into Ali Baba's cave, and without the weird men in Aladdin pants chasing after you!

Isabel Marant boots, size 38, £110

And guess what? You know that putrid old clothes smell that most vintage shops seem to carry around with them wherever you go? Chic & Seek doesn't have it! In fact, it smells amazing! 

Anyways, forget about the smell-bit...just hear me out. If you're not ready to spend the money, convince a friend to take you along with them, and take in all the beautiful colors, garments and sparkles around you. It's like waking up on Christmas day when the tree is more beautiful than ever and all you want to do is put your nose in it.

ps: if you're feeling cold and lazy, you can order online!
ps2: Spring cleaning is closer than you think. If you want to clean out your closet of some cool designer stuff, she takes that in too and you'll get a share of the money if she's able to sell it!


  1. Mhmmm... saw those boots online already and thought they were nice. If only half a size bigger, sigh..
    Looking forward to storm the zesty casa tomorrow.
    LOL xx MM

  2. Holy half prize Loubs batman!