Friday, 27 November 2009

3 Things You Must Try This Holiday Season At Borough Market

There's something quite special and unique about Borough Market. First of all, there's breathing in all the wonderful scents of cheeses, baked breads and freshly roasted coffee and getting your nostrils all confused and perked up. Snacking and picking off sample trays from a random food stand when you're not even hungry. Standing in a mile-long queue for a sandwich containing some mysterious bird meat with lukewarm gravy and chunks of black pepper inside of it. Yeah, there's something quite special about Borough Market. No kidding though. I really love it. It's got some crazy quirks, and that's why it's in my good books.

Let me tell you this, though. Borough Market at Christmas time, is even special-er. Here are 3 things that make Borough Market a must-go-to destination during the Holiday season. So bundle up, time to go on an exotic Holiday field trip!  

Holiday treat # 1: The Thai Green and Red Curries. There's nothing like a little spice to make your Christmas extra exotic. Biiiig buckets o' curry, yummy yummy yummy!

Borough Market Green Curry

Borough Market Red Curry

Holiday treat # 2: The Ostrich Sandwich. The queue takes forever, but this is a delicacy you'll want to try at least once in your lifetime. So be patient, wait for your turn.

Borough Market Ostrich Sandwich

Holiday treat # 3: The mulled wine at BM is sweet and vicious. Again, this heavenly beverage is just the right amount of spices, cinnamon and alcohol. You'll sing hallelujas and hail marys all the way back home. Enjoy it with a brownie from the stand next door. If you're feeling particularly kooky, you might want to go for the good ol' dunk & eat combo. Brownie and warm wine! Yummmmmmy!


  1. I think it is quite painful that this historic site of excellent quirkiness is about to disappear. Maybe you could ask your readers to sign the petition 'Save Borough Market'?

    xx MM

    PS: You'll love the view from your bed here in CH - you can see the Alps when the weather is good.

  2. What??? They're going to close it??? How could I not know this? When?? Why? I am so sad! Petitioning is a great idea!

    So excited about CH! How is Little L. liking it? xxx LZ

  3. I LOVE the Thai green curry from the Borough Market! Yum!!!

    Now I'm going to have a craving for it tonight especially since there are tons of leftovers from Thanksgiving :)


  4. Borough Market is one of my favourite places on earth!!! I find it so sad how so many iconic places that makes London London is vanishing into a high street... Boo!

  5. I agree with everything in your post - which is just brilliant !

  6. Hehe, thanks ladies! I know, I'm obsessed! But do you really think they're closing it down as per MM? I sure hope not, cuz it's one of my fave places in London and it would make me very LZ

  7. That looks so fantastic! I wish I could be there.

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