Sunday, 15 November 2009

Here Kitty Kitty...

If you're on to keep your eyes open when you're walking down the street, or one to check others out in a bar (I do it...come on now, I know you do too), or simply one to enjoy flipping through the pages of a fashion magazine, you'll probably have noticed this incredible crush London women, myself included (and thousands more) have developed on leopard prints. I find it incredibly odd and a bit disconcerting how a trend can appear out of nowhere to become an uber-"it" item only to disappear shortly after, leaving the fashion spotlight almost as fast as it arrived. 

Grrr, sexy kitty

Unfortunately (and fortunately, depends on how you see it) I happen to be exactly that person described above. Guilty as charged. Give me any opportunity to wear something today that I used to dress up in as a little girl, and I'm game. Hey, why the hell not? My point of view is this: Leopard prints can look incredibly, well, slutty. You just have to make sure you pair up anything leopard with something sweet and demure. Something simple and classy. And that's no easy task, trust me. Here's an example of what not to do...

Miss Paris, there are too many things going on here. Leave the "slogan t-shirts"  and the animal-skin bags at home if you're gonna be sporting the leopard.

Here are 3 leopard print items that I've either acquired or dreamed of acquiring that I'm pretty sure will be earning you some winks, and not stare-downs.

Number 1: My fave gloves of all time, given to me as a present, straight off the shelves of H&M. A perfect accessory to an all-black outfit. Side note: please go easy on mixing leopard prints with other crowded pieces of clothing like our friend Paris above. If you do feel like mixing and matching, stripes tend to work quite well. Most important rule of all, make sure the gloves make the outfit and not the other way around.

Number 2: dear Christopher Kane, you are an evil man. An evil evil man. Why would do this to me? Give me a break, £400 for a scarf???! This one an only scarf by the cool new British designer Christopher Kane, available in orange and yellow as well as in brown and yellow at the awesome and absurdly unaffordable Matches (Notting Hill, South Molton Street etc.), is the biggest and most cruel object of my desire. I will not linger on the subject as I get furiously angry at the thought of never being able to make it mine. Well, at least, let me show it to you...

Number 3: Thank you thank you Maje Paris for opening a store on Sloane Street (right next to Sandro Paris ) and continuing to offer rock n' chic combinations of outfits and styles for us gals who can't afford the high end stuff but need to feel special by avoiding the high street look. If you haven't gone already, go have a look, it's a great addition to the fashion scene in London. The store offers a sumptuous leopard print coat that you'll drool all over once you set eyes on it. Enjoy the leopards girls! Cuz if you don't don't go for them now, they will pounce before you know it!

ps: just for cute is this fur hat form Topshop???


  1. Now I've got over the shock of first thinking you were Ms Hilton, and then realising you weren't, thank you for a fabulously feline post!

  2. OMG! You thought I was P. Hilton!? I hope that didnt transpire too much in my post or I might loose some loyal readers! Love and live the leopard, it's the sexy trend this winter! xxx LZ

  3. Hi Paris (hee hee),

    Fortunately, leopard is a trend made for a recession - not in a MILLION years will you see me in one of those. Whip me with the Kane, tickle me with the Maje, you will not convince me. Maybe it's cause I am blond. Blond and leopard always reminds me a bit of Mrs Bundy from Married with Children. *cringe*

  4. Haha Mrs Bundy is the definition of classiness! Love it! BTW, you must go check out Maje and Sandro when you can! Lets go together with Little L. someday! I know the leopard is a bit risky but I tend to buy into all those trendy things...and yes it will disappear soon enough and I will be the one left with a bunch of leopard stuff in my closet...hey I'll always have halloween! xxx LZ