Thursday, 19 November 2009

Kabiri, Time For Some Christmas Cheery!

Kabiri, Marylebone High Street

Meet my new crush in the the jewelry department, Kabiri, the coolest jewellery store on the planet. Well in London at least. This gem of a place, located on Marylebone High Street, features some of the hottest new emerging jewelry designers in the UK. Most of them are indeed British and that's why this, my dear friends, is a truly zesty post. 

Check out these uniquely inventive pieces. You'll salivate over them, you'll die to get your paws on them, you won't even be able to shake them!

This Marni-esque necklace is a great accessory to go with a deep plunging neckline!

A gorgeous ring to complement that tanned skin of yours on your December getaway to...St Barths? Yeah, wishful thinking...


The adorable Mini Girl by Ginette NY!

This bear ring is my favourite! It is so masculine and fantastic! It even has a paw imprint on this inside!

The itsy bitsy spider is crawling up your chest!

If you're still drumming your fingernails on your desk and wondering what on earth you'll be getting your mum, your girlfriend or even your boyfriend for Christmas (yes, yes you read right, Kabiri sells men's stuff as well!), you know where to go for your holiday shopping! Prices range from £80 to £2000. There is something there for everyone. This is a special spot on a special street in a special neighborhood. Time for some Christmas shopping! Hint hint, my special friends, you know who you are, if you're feeling particularly generous this season, and want to give your special blogger friend a special present, the present gods will smile back at you!


  1. That ring with the green stone is gorgeous!

  2. That beautiful green ring will haunt my dreams!

  3. i love the mini girl! we have to go here on my next london trip. xxx

  4. All great choices ladies! The green ring is stunning!

    Wait til you see Ginette NY's other pieces! You'll love them!