Monday, 23 November 2009

It's a Wapper not a Whopper

No I'm not referring to the fast food sandwich we all know too well.

Haha, ew, gross

And no, I'm not referring to anything remotely close to anything relating to fast food either. I'm talking about a restaurant. Not a fast food restaurant (if that's not an oxymoron right there) just a restaurant. Well, not exactly just a restaurant...

The Wapping Project, Wapping, London

Ever been to a place that's a restaurant/gallery/bar/former hydraulic power plant all in one? No? Didn't think so...(ok fine, the Tate modern is also an abandoned power plant, but let's not talk about that today)...that's because the place I'm about to write about is an original _ meaning there is no place like it- not in London, not in the UK, not anywhere really.

The Wapping Project is a dramatic and compelling restaurant/gallery/bar/former hydraulic power plant in Wapping, East London. And if you've never heard of Wapping, it's probably because it's a land far far away...well far way from my land at least. For people working (ahem I mean living) in The City, or Shoreditchers and...Aldgaters (hey, that's a word, ok?), it's just a stone throw away really. Keep in mind that the fact that the word project is a part of the name doesn't necessarily mean that the work is unfinished, though some parts of it, including the gallery space, are a continuous work in progress. If you ask me, this wonderfully odd-looking industrial venue is a perfect work of art. The beauty of it is, you walk in, you soak in the beauty of the place with all its twisted water pipes, tall ceilings and gigantic columns, you sit down, you order from a fantastic looking menu, then you walk around, then you sit down again, then you eat something spectacular, then you gander around again to go somewhere dark, cool and mysterious to see some dark, cool and mysterious art, and then you stroll back to your table to eat some even more spectacular dessert. All in all, it's a pretty special experience.

You may be incredibly confused by my incredibly convoluted description, so I recommend you just check out the place. Each room is more surprising than the next, and each dish is more exciting than the other. Go on, live a little! Get out of your London shell! Go to Wapping! Click here to book a table via OpenTable.

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