Friday, 13 November 2009

Sit Down, Relax, Enjoy Your Chair

I never thought I'd say this but I want to thank the London Bus Company for making my life a lot more enjoyable. Also, I want to thank them for taking me places and showing me London in a way I never thought I could. Believe it or not I've discovered a multitude of places, just by sitting on the top tier of that big red bus, sometimes at the very front, my nose stuck to the front window, taking in all sorts of awesome new sights. I love the bus. There I said it. No shame in that, it's not like I've got the luxury of a car, a vespa or a least not yet. So I take what I'm given. I guess you could say I've been blessed with the numerous possibilities of public transport and I am embracing them with arms wide open. Except for the always tardy circle line, the never reliable district line and the occasionally annoying central line (have I covered them all?), I happen to be relatively accepting of the underground system. But yes, I do prefer the bus, now an increasingly important tool in my blogging research.

The Cupcake Company, Kensington Church Street

The other day, on the bus, I was delighted to let my eyes wonder towards the latest addition to the cupcake
trend in London, right there, 5 minutes away from my flat, on the adorable Kensington Church Street, the one and only Cupcake Company. This little jewel-like cupcake shop releases amazing American scents and flavors of frosting, sugar, creamy vanillas and chocolates all the way down to Notting Hill Gate station. You can smell it from a mile away. Eventhough all I can smell is danger...trying to stay away, trying to stay away.

Much to my delight, a fantastic furniture and chair shop also located on Kensington Church Street has made its way onto my blogging radar. Jimmie Martin's crazy, kooky, rock n' roll Union Jack chairs, and delirious and extravagant sofas are to die for and must not be missed. His unique and playful collection of chairs and sofas plays on antique 18th century royal designs mixed with Brit pop culture imagery, such as the Queen of England's famous portrait, an english Bulldog and dachsund, or the most popular one of all, the splendid Union Jack- making for an eclectic, modern and original selection of upolstered furniture. Not that this concept is at all revolutionary, but it shows no pretense of conveying anything else either. His gallery is worth checking out for it is a true London gem!

Jimmie Martin's Famous Union Jack Chair

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