Monday, 9 November 2009

Burlesque Tease Party

I had never been to or organized a proper hen party before and, I have to admit, after organizing one for one of my best friends this past weekend, I now understand why: these things knock the wind outta you. Not that it wasn't one of the most fun weekends I've had in London since I've arrived, au contraire. Celebrating my friend getting married in London as opposed to flying to a foreign city and feeling the pressure of discovering that new city and being a tourist, meant that we could really truly enjoy the moments spent together. It also meant that everything we did, and all activities/games we prepared had to be extra special. And extra girly. I will not go into detail about my weekend but one thing I must share with you has got to be the most zesty discovery I've made in London so far.

Have you ever done something so decadent, so extravagant and so full of excess that you felt like the whole world outside and reality were light years away from your reach and you could anything?

Have you ever stuffed your face with delirious amounts of scones, jelly, clotted cream, cupcakes, finger sandwiches and tea, while watching a burlesque show take place right before your eyes? Have you ever wanted to do nothing else for the rest of your life than to be served yummy treats by a girl in a French maid uniform, while enjoying eye-popping gorgeous women sing, dance, do strange skits and twirl nipple tassels? Ahem, I haven't. Yeah, I mean, what kind of a absurd fantasy is that? 

Anyways, this unbelievably decadent supper club called Volupte Lounge in Farringdon is a fun girly afternoon guaranteed. Not only is the show fantastically original, intimate and memorable, but you will spend 5 beautiful hours with your friends, fabulous English treats and tea while being entertained by incredibly talented performers. This is a perfect venue for birthdays, hen parties or other surprises for your girlfriends, boyfriends and gay mates. 

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