Monday, 30 November 2009

This Christmas, Cozy Up By the Fire Place With Sexy Lace & Silk

You must be thinking to yourself...enough with the Holiday cheer already! Well, prepare yourselves, cuz I'm just getting started. I am just too excited about the Holiday season coming up. So I'm gonna cheer on, cheer on til Santa swoops into London town. So yeah, get used to it. And from the look of that title, it's gonna be a raunchy post.

The great thing about today's entry is that while everyone is telling you to bundle up and stay warm with loads of layers, wools and cashmere for the winter, I'm telling to get naked. That's right, you heard me, show some skin. Throw some logs into the fireplace, make yourself a warm cuppa tea, bake some Christmas cookies! And get naked! If that's what it takes to stay warm and cozy when it's unbearably frosty outside, then that's the way it's gotta be. So go ahead, dress down to your underwear and bra, and embrace the yummy silk and the sexy lace.

The lovely and talented British lingerie designers Alice & Astrid have created a series of exquisite, feminine, sexy and winter-friendly undergarment collections for us ladies who like to keep it hot & sexy in the winter time. 

The friendly and inviting boutique on Artesian Road, right off of Ledbury Road, in Notting Hill will take care of all those wintery chills. Just pop in for a visit and you will leave feeling warm, happy and ready to loose those extra layers!

Alice & Astrid, Artesian Road, Notting Hill

ps: Valentine's Day is around the corner...just keep that in mind;)


  1. Do I need a boyfriend to wear this stuff?! ;-)


  2. No way! Hehe, SO was not my intention to imply that! Haven't you heard Beyonce's staple song "All you single ladies!" It's all about being single this year and next year even more so! The lingerie is always most appreciated by us anyways, we're the ones actually wearing it! ;) x LZ

  3. You know, I'm right there with you! I embrace my single-ness so why not embrace my love of all things pretty too?