Friday, 6 November 2009

London's Best Bibimbap Lost in The Fog of Holborn

As my fellow blogger Gwyneth would say in her awesome blog Goop (how presumptuous of me to assume that she and I could ever be used in the same sentence together), Bibimbaps, Korea's signature dish, have got to be the toughest dish to cook... ever. And to attempt to learn how to make a proper Bibimbap would be like...attempting to learn how to make a cheesecake with anything else but Philadelphia cream cheese. It's fun. It's worth the try. But no matter how hard you try, and no matter how creamy the other fillings may be, the result will never be as good as with the real stuff. The stuff of the pros. So just leave to the pros, Gwyneth. We know your best friend is Stella McCartney and we know you have celebrity chefs coming over to your flat to teach you how to make Bibimbaps and all, but we all know you're never gonna be able to pull it off on your own. And do you really intend on re-attempting to cook the world's most difficult dish for the hubby and the kids? Really G.?

Don't fool yourself, hun. Bibimbaps are better left to the experts. They just taste that good when they're done properly. So my advice to you is this (and this also applies to you G.), leave it to them to make your taste buds fire up in your mouth. Leave it to the best Bibimbap restaurant in all of London, Asadal, to make your eyeballs cry the happiest tears of your life. 

Asadal Korean Restaurant, High Holborn

Lost in the fog of High Holborn, at the foot of Holborn station and down the stairs of a shady looking entrance, you will go absolutely berserk for the most fantastic Bibimbap in London (for I've tried a few in my time here). If you like stirred rice and egg, sticky and crispy veggie stuff, beef, chicken, hot cabbage and kimchi, you will die for this perfect slice of Korean heaven in a stone pot.

Asadal's Unmisseable Bibimbap


  1. Admit it. You only got interested in the dish because of its name. 'Mhmmm... bibimbap.' Sounds like invented by little L. Did I tell you that she started 'talking'?
    xx MM

  2. I am very interested in the article that you created. I am very interested in Korean food I hope someday I can make it yourself