Friday, 30 October 2009

The Bread Winners

Bread is underrated. Way underrated. I come from a region in France where baked goods, pastries and delicious flour-based goodies are part of our daily diet. Even when one diets, one never, NEVER, goes a day without a chunk of bread. Or a croissant. Or a quarter baguette plastered with nutella. Isn't it strange how that goes? We obsess over carbs and staying thin by cutting out all starches and sugars from what we eat. But why is it that French women are among the thinnest in Europe and yet, are able to eat and enjoy bread while everyone else stresses about protein and low-carb diets? Unfortunately, I fall under the category of girls who obsess. So when I'm dieting, which is never, I try and cut out the carbs. Needless to say, that never works. I love bread, and I could never live without it. So yeah, I'm a lost cause. I'm French but I think like an American. Too bad for my curves. I guess I'm gonna have to live with them. Blerg.

Baguette with Nutella, Goddam You, I love You

I'm pretty grateful though, since London is able to nourish me quite well in the bread department. Poilane Bakery on Elizabeth Street is part of a French chain of bakeries originating from Paris, on rue du cherche-midi, and making a name for its self through its fantastic quality dough and varieties of breads. It is said that Poilane almost miraculously survived (thanks to a lot of hard work, determination and a great quality product) the extremely fierce competition of industrial bread companies taking over the bread market a couple decades ago. After only having been around for 9 years in London, in the heart of elegant Belgravia, Poilane is thriving on this side of the English channel.

Poilane Bakery on Elizabeth Street, Belgravia

Princi Bakery on Wardour Street in Soho has me weak in the knees.  Not only are their sandwiches the best in the area, but the quality of the bread is destined to make you wish you were in Italy, under the warm rays of the Tuscan sun, breathing the scents of flour and yeast baking slowly in your nonna's oven. This bakery is the latest venture of the guy who brought us Wagamama and Hakkasan. To that guy, whoever he is, I will always be grateful. 

Princi Bakery on Wardour Street, Soho


  1. I know Prinic and it is truly the bread of the Gods but must go to Poliane- especially as that is one of my favourite streets- so how I have managed to pass it by I am not sure- I was probably in a scent haze having visited Les Senteurs or something!

    I have a craving for Nutella now!

    Lovely blog- found you via you visiting me so thanks for stopping by

  2. Wow! YUMM! Super lovely post.. I love Nutella (devils food) . Great blog

  3. Thanks ladies! Love your fantastic blogs as well! x

  4. Your pictures are making me so hungry! Especially the bread with nutella!

    By the way, I so agree with you on the dieting part and European women. When I lived in Italy for two years after graduating college, I actually lost 15 pounds. And the mystery....I ate a cornetto everyday for breakfast, pizza for lunch, and lots of bread and pasta for dinner. In short, I ate whatever wonderful Italian food that was in front of me.

    Of course, being back in the States, I've gained almost all of it back! Oh well... :)

  5. What can I say? You know my addiction for rye sourdough and brunette spread. And Nutella... I have been known to spoon that stuff straight form the jar. I know, gross. But I just needed the quick fix. The perfect assembly of sugar and fat. Mmmmmmnuttella, I luv ya!

  6. Luurve Nutella. I remember as a child being able to buy little individually packaged Nutella to eat with a tiny plastic spoon. Of course, now that wouldn't be enough - only a jar will do. Maybe you know Cannelle et Vanille blog - she has a delicious looking toasted brioche with Nutella and praline pieces. Yummy!