Wednesday, 14 October 2009

It's Tea Time!!!

I wouldn't say that I have an addictive personality. I've got my cravings, from my cupcakes to my cheese and crackers, and I do have to admit that if I start eating a box of cookies, it will take a tank, a soldier and a machine gun to stop me from eating the entire thing. Or a cheesecake with raspberry jam on top. Or a tiramisu. Oh oh oh, or a floating island! So yes, I guess if you get me started on something good, I will keep eating it until the whole thing vanishes. Would you call that an addictive personality? I wouldn't. I would just call it what it is. Enjoying the good things in life. Enjoying life, period! It's not like I'm making myself ill or sick to my stomach. I know when to stop. I do! You just have to remind me, that's all. Lately, or should I say, since my London adventure began, I have been realizing that some good things come as an acquired taste. I used to hate Yorkshire Pudding and all types of pudding. I now like pudding and I have grown accustomed to jelly-like substances floating in between my teeth. Tea is another thing I have grown to like. Actually, love is more appropriate. I love tea. I crave tea. I need my tea-fix at least once a day. Like a good little Brit girl, I've got my Kusmi tea tins, my Earl Greys and my Fennel teas. It's just a normal part of my daily routine and let's just say, sometimes a good cuppa is a great moment spent, and can best be enjoyed with a selection of tasty sweet bits.

There are two places that have made it to the top of my list for tea time. The first one is of course, in my favorite department store eva (!) and that is, at Liberty on Regent Street, on the second floor. Tea time at Liberty Cafe is delicious and is most enjoyed with a side of crumpets with jelly, or a high tray of cupcakes, tarts and sweet and salty sandwiches. True Brit Style.

High Tea at Liberty, Regent Street

My second fave place to go for high tea in London is not surprisingly the place with the coolest toilets in the entire city (toilet fetish?), and that is Sketch on Conduit Street, inside the room called The Parlour, imagine that. This tea spot is a real gem of a place, is truly ravishing and is scrumpsciously girly. Coincidentally, I also really enjoy their bar and restaurant for evenings with friends or lovers. 

The Parlour at Sketch, Conduit Street


  1. Mhmmm, tea time. Scones with strawberry jam and salted butter. Tiny cupcakes. Cucumber sandwiches. Who needs to be a great cook anyway when there are so many people around you to cater for your needs?!
    I have very fond memories of the Sketch's toilets (just realised how weirdo that sounds). Had some great evenings that started at the bar and ended in some random night club.

  2. Aw, I'm so intrigued by this Parlour at Sketch place now! Will definitely have to make a visit next time I am in London :)

  3. Met Mum: I know! Those toilets are crazy! Who cares about toilet fetishes, there are so many worst ones out there...I'm eagerly waiting for my tea and scone party by myself this afternoon...yay!

    Crystal: The Parlour is beautiful, and you would especially like it because you appreciate interiors so much. Next time you come to London we can have a tea and biscuit party there together! xxx