Thursday, 15 October 2009

Burn Your Bra

 I was wandering down Marylebone High last week, one of my favorite streets in Central London, on my way to lunch at Le Pain Quotidien for a Ladies Who Lunch event. Well, not really, I was just meeting my friend Met Mum and her adorable Little L for a quick bite followed by a very very frustrating trip to Selfridges on my end (no shopping allowed for me) but very successful one on Met Mum's end. I stopped in front of the intriguing window of Apartment C , Marylebone's exclusive lingerie boutique, and noticed this intriguing sign hanging from it. I walked right in, expecting a mix of S&M and feminist heaven inside but instead was instantly taken aback by all the divine looking bras, panties and nighties loosely hanging from the store's satin and velvet hangers. It felt like a strange combination of Agent Provocateur, La Perla, the Crazy Horse cabaret in Paris and New York's lower east side Babeland all at once, and for some strange reason, it worked beautifully. It was neither kinky nor was it super exclusive. It was draped with velvety curtains, and in the middle of the store sat these 2 luxurious 1920's pink velvet sofas (just like Mad Men's Betty Draper's newly acquired sofa in season 3!) making the whole room come together beautifully to create this totally glamorous space of femininity. 

Their selection of lingerie is also quite glamorous and special, ranging from the simple and adorably sexy Princesse Tam Tam to the soft and organic Eco Boudoir . You can find anything from the lacy black bra to the sexy red outfit and the angelic white almost see-through panties but not so see-through that it would make them look slutty. All of their pieces are provocative just the right amount (I have always found Agent Provocateur to be unwearable, too crazy, too provocative, too kinky, too lacy). So wives, mums, working gals and single ladies, there is something in this quirky lingerie boutique for all of us. Something lacy for the high powered woman in us. Something white for the little girl in us. Something black for the sadistic side in us. And something red for the devil in us. Hopefully you are able to recognize yourself in these descriptions. If not in all of them (ahem, moi? non merci!), then at least in one of them. 

Apartment C Black Lace Tunic

Apartment C Pink Chiffon and Satin Nightie


  1. As soon as my body is what it used to be (actually I wouldn't mind to keep the newly acquired bra size), I will have to pay the shop a visit. If only to lounge around on these divine looking sofas.

    Thanks for the mention, how very sweet of you! :-)

  2. love Marylebone High Street but never noticed that shop. Will have to look out for it this wkend, I'm sure the husband would appreciate it... probably one shopping bill he wouldn't complain about ;)

  3. MM: It's a lovely place...and shut up, you look gorgeous. Let's go together sometime with Little L., maybe they have baby lingerie!

    Jessica aka LJL: The husband will surely appreciate. Their pieces are sexy, sassy and definitely sure to kindle some sparks!