Friday, 9 October 2009

Chop Choppity Chop at the Urban Retreat

The Gwyneth. The Katie. Let's face it ladies. A great haircut is hard to come by. I have lived in a little over 5 different big cities in my life, where I have had probably a total of 7 great memorable haircuts. And I am no young sprout. So yes, those are slim pickens. I have to admit, I am obsessively inclined to change my hairstyle every three months. I mean, drastically change my hair. I can let it grow for years, then chop it all off. I can decide to grow the boy cut out into a feminine bob and decide it's too cutesy. The long tedious process of letting the hair grow. I have been there...way too often. I am simply never satisfied with one hairstyle. Maybe that's because I associate a change of hair with a change of lifestyle, or a change of hair with a change of mood. Or a desire to start anew, to start afresh. I don't know. But looking back at my 7 successful cuts, I am starting to think that I may have a real problem. I was living in NYC for a total of 4 years. Tried  different hair dressers, ended up with one great one (Monique at Paul Labrecque , you have shears of gold and I trust you with my life!) The only problem was, before I knew it, I was moving again and the search for the perfect hairdresser was about to begin all over again. Blerg.

But there's no point in moaning about it, is there? We must find a solution (my advertising friend, who is the best motivational speaker I know, used to say: "there's no point in bitching," she would authoritatively remark, "the key, Emily, is to find a solution"). So there I was, freshly arrived from across the pond, conveniently in need of a haircut again and desperate to find a solution to my ever so bothersome problem. So I asked around. Prices were always too high. Senior stylists always too busy. Excuses excuses excuses. To my own surprise and delight, I nailed an appointment with a young lady called Natasha (recommended by a friend) at the Urban Retreat , upstairs at Harrods, and was determined to make her my loyal hair chopper. I went, she saw, she conquered. The cut was £55.  I left feeling happy, satisfied and ready to tackle the big city of London. I have had 2 haircuts since I've arrived in London. 2 different lives, I guess. Or 2 different moods. I'm not sure. I am eagerly waiting for the next mood swing to come creeping down my scalp. It's way too eery, I know. Tell me hair fairy, what will I do next?

                               The Urban Retreat at Harrods

  A recent nearly successful cut (making it the 7th)  at the Urban Retreat

Don't leave the Urban Retreat without checking out the Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie . The boudoir room adjacent to the salon is a gorgeous jewel filled with vintage and modern scents alike. Watch your nostrils flare as you breathe in the variety of magnolia, florals and musky odors emanating from the sparkly bottles.

                             Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie, Harrods


  1. A good haircut is SO important for one's amour propre! LLGxx

  2. I totally agree! Great to find you here LLG!:) X