Wednesday, 21 October 2009

No More Nobu in My Life

Who knew Gwyneth's favorite sushi place was something other than Nobu? In fact, who knew, Chisou Restaurant had become her favorite regular lunch spot to go to on her numerous visits to native London?

Gwyneth's awesome lifestyle blog offers all kinds of fun advice from where to "Go", what to "Make", and what to "Get" to make life more fun when you're visiting or living in a special city. Her Bimbimbop video in her "Make" section has my mouth watering like crazy. Her bubbly personality shines through and she is, all of a sudden, no longer the unattainable Gwyneth Paltrow, wife of Chris Martin, but appears more like the girl next door...ahem, with a very very good haircut no less. Her "Go" section, offering travel, restaurant, and kid-friendly activity tips, is fun and spunky. It also puts the deliriously good Chisou at the top of her London restaurant list. She goes crazy over this secretly hot and not-much-to-look-at sushi spot, off of Regent Street, located on the adorable Prince's street. 

Chisou Restaurant, Prince's Street, Mayfair

So if Gwyneth likes to "Go" there, know what to do. Go go go enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner at Chisou Restaurant and please, knock yourself out! Order everything BUT the ordinary sushi rolls. No california rolls allowed here. The sushi chefs are the best in London so don't be shy. And more importantly, don't leave without tasting the phenomenal Avocado and Sashimi Salad, the Horensou Salad and the Spider Maki Rolls. And book a table! It's, in my mind, the best Japanese restaurant in London, without the over-the-top prices of Nobu and deserves high marks for food quality, service and the feeling of leaving satisfied and eager to return. Go Chisou , next door, is the low budget equivalent of Chisou restaurant, and is just as good as its fancier alter ego, plus no reservations are necessary.

Go Chisou, Prince's Street, Mayfair

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  1. Mmmmmmmm, I wish I could go! My bloggy partner did a post today about some recipes from Goop. : )