Monday, 5 October 2009

Sunday Lazy Sundays

Gotta love those lazy London weekends. The ones where you put on your lazy shirt and no one judges you...or do they? Those weekends filled with nothing...well, not nothing, but nearly nothing. Let me explain. No, I am not bumming around, relishing in the freedom of unemployment. And yes, I'm trying very hard to get my act together. My weeks are active and dynamically-charged and jam-packed with the usual gym, blog, job hunt routine. I work very hard at that and I plan on keeping it that way. But stuck in limbo between finishing grad school and starting a career, I find myself, on weekends, to be filled with boundless and incredible energy to do absolutely nothing, especially when nothing consists of lounging around in my new gorgeous and very very adult flat. Veggying out in bed on Saturdays (and Sundays) reading girly mags, surfing the net and the blogosphere. Renting movies from the indie flick Notting Hill Gate Video City. Having friends pop by for some Pringles and tea. Visiting friends/family in Islington. Strolling hapharzardly from Islington to Primrose Hill and making awesomely zesty discoveries without expecting to. Looking forward to Monday mornings so I can blog about them. Then blogging about them. Yeah, it's a nice feeling.
So after all of this ramble and nothing-talk, I must share my unleashed excitement for Primrose Hill. It is absolutely not surprising how, over time, celebrity and non-celebrity residents alike, have chosen it as their neighborhood over any other neighborhood in London. From Kate Moss, Agyness Deyn, Rachel Weisz and Enrique(!), to Spice Girl Geri Halliwell and Jude Law, all have lived at one point or another in this gorgeous area. In my view, this is why: first of all, it is blessed with one of London's most breathtaking views from the top of its hills, beating the LondonEye's view by a landslide. Second, its houses and buildings live and breathe pure Londonness, offering the most exclusive sneak peaks into its residents' living rooms (have I mentioned how much of a voyeur I have become ever since I've moved here?) Third, it offers three of the most important things an area should offer, and those include: an awesome neighborhood pub, a cupcake shop, and last but not least, a gem of a vintage boutique, and all of these are located on one street: Gloucester Avenue!

The pub, for one,  is called the Lansdowne . And this is no ordinary pub. It is what I call a girl-friendly pub, a pub where girls like myself can feel comfortable in and drink a glass of wine, or a half pint of light beer, without getting the evil stare from the beer snob sitting next to you. It is also one of my faves because it offers oh so yummy pizza, with oh so zesty toppings.

The cupcake shop is called Primrose Bakery. It is lovely and delicious and you will love it. Need I say more?  

And this below is Shikasuki Vintage Boutique. These photos speak for themselves. Though I thought I could add a couple of reasons as to why this is a must-go, must-see. As you walk in, you all of a sudden belong to another planet, another world, a place where twirling and zipping back to childhood are not only allowed, but encouraged. There is almost a jewel-like quality to this place. The boudoir, sparkly,  glittery and cozy decor adds to its quirkiness as a clothing-and-other-stuff shop. Because not only will you find all of these dresses that you played dress-up in as a little girl, but you will also end up believing that you are Alice and Shikasuki is your Wonderland.

               Shikasuki Vintage Boutique, Gloucester Avenue, Primrose Hill


  1. Ahhh, the Lansdowne. My friend G used to live just opposite the pub, before she moved to New York. The first time we went to a club together, she's been wearing a yellow tee with a toadstool (it was meant to be a girlie night in that ended in the 'Neighbourhood' under the Westway). G's nickname is Cupcake. You should have put her name in the title :-)

  2. G sounds like a hoot of a girl! You and I should take Little L. for a little stroll to PH so that you can show me what else you did with G in the good ol' crazy days!