Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Non-Fashioney Fashionistas

It's funny because I've never been that fashioney of a person. I like fashion. I wear it, yes. I admire it in magazines and my eye will occasionally stop its self when a cool ad intrigues me on TV or on print. However, I am not at all the fashion type. I don't go crazy over the next IT bag and I certainly don't subscribe to any fashion magazines. Up until last month, I actually didn't know what A/W stood for. I would literally keep asking myself. What do they mean by A/W? Awesome Wear? Another Winter? A What??? I know. It's embarrassing. I am, however, keen to window shop once in a blue moon and I do have my favorite designers (Sonia Rykiel and Isabel Marant) and favorite shops in London. I've never been a huge department store fan. Selfridges makes me woozy and Harvey Nichs is just a tad too euro for my taste. I don't know, it just doesn't do it for me. I like my small boutiques and I completely buy into the personal shopping experience. I love it when a salesperson remembers me and makes me feel uber special (like the awesomely delightful Ashley at Honey and the Rough in NYC). SO when my friend told me last week that my favorite designer's new fall collection, which  I could not find anywhere in London no matter how hard I tried, was featured at a cute shop on Ledbury Road in Notting Hill (as it always has been, Hello?), I jumped at the occasion to make it a special visit last week. And Isabel Marant's Fall collection was there! Among others. Needless to say, Isabel Marant only does Ready to Wear (RTW: another mysterious acronym, OMG, WTF, xoxo!) which is one of the big reasons why she rocks my world. As a French designer, she captures all that is elegant and cool in her designs and she never fails to add a splash of rock n' roll in her outfits. If there's one thing I learned from her inspirational style, it is to never look too matchy matchy. Always always pair up a cute little grey dress with a leather jacket, or always always remember to strap on some biker flat booties with thick tights and a short skirt. Also, you can never wear that thick sweater enough.

I know you're probably sick of me rambling on about Notting Hill, but I cannot hide this zesty gem from you any longer. You must go. Period. Aime is an adorable hidden boutique on the south side of Ledbury Road. From Isabel Marant and APC, to Vanessa Bruno and Les Prairies de Paris, you will find all the cool French designers and styles that you've been missing from your wardrobe all of these long shopping-less months since moving to London! (uh, yeah, I guess that's me). You will love their selection, their shoes and their lifestyle stuff. Their jewelry is also to die for and not outrageously expensive. They even offer a superb selection of Repetto ballerinas and they have the greatest Isabel Marant leopard print flats (note: they go wonderfully well with one of Isabel's silk black dresses). So go take a peak. It's a special place and deserves your attention.

                    Aime Clothing Boutique, Ledbury Road, Notting Hill

A Few of My Favorite Isabel Marant Things 

Black Wool Top With Cotton Belt A/W 09 Collection (like wearing a cloud)

Swarowski Crystal Necklace A/W 09 Collection (Day and Night, it rocks the hell out of any outfit)

Plad Red Dress A/W 2007 (!!!) Collection (Still one of the sexiest items in my wardrobe)


  1. I LOVE Isabel Marant and have never understood why there's no store in Los Angeles that carries her line. Anyway, what does A/W stand for? Great blog, have been reading, but finally figured out how to "join"

  2. Kathy! Thanks for your loyal support! Great that you're now a follower:) Isabel Marant is fantastic...and yes, hard to find in London as well! Believe it or not, my mom turned me on to her. Yeah, my mom! She is so much more fashioney than me sometimes, it amazes me! A/W and S/S stand for Autumn/Winter, Spring/Summer. I know, its the acronym fashion lingo...you gotta love it! or hate it...hope all is well! xxx

  3. On our Sunday walk, can we please go past Aime, please please? We can make it look like a coincidence. 'Ah, look, a shop. And oh, they have fashion. What a coincidence, I looooove fashion.'

    Sidenote on acronyms: for a very long time I thought lol stands for lots of love. Haha.

  4. Yes let's go for sure! I haven't been in ah...1 week! I'm getting withdrawal already! yes yes, I'm dying to go, and guess what? They have a Petit Aime right next door!!! Little L. can go crazy too!

    lots of love, that is the most adorable mistaken acronym ever! love it!