Monday, 12 October 2009

Give the Podium to Antipodium

Forget about diamonds. Dresses are a girl's best friend. 

Remember when we all started to rebel against macho fashion by swapping the long flowy dresses for the masculine and straight-cut trousers? (and by we, I mean the women of the 40's!). Remember when we all cut our hair boy-short and started flaunting our ankles left and right in an effort to emancipate ourselves from men? What were we thinking??? I say, we go back to our roots, forget about those prejudices and bring back the woman in us we forgot we were!  It's time to say FU to those feminists who think dresses are denigrating and make us inferior to men. It's time to bring back the dress! I have to admit that I, myself, am one of those girls who believes that wearing trousers, if worn right, can be extremely sexy and sometimes even more feminine and flattering than a skirt or a dress, especially if worn right. But there's nothing more attractive than a woman who is proud of her feminine side and flaunts it with pride by slipping into the stereotypical female dress attire. The dress. Ah, the dress. I love it. I have it in all sorts of colors shapes and sizes. I crave it, even! Especially when it comes in an ultra comfy material, like the incredibly soft cotton jersey material. The pajama material, as I would call it.  Yeah, so? It's not like I'm wearing a track suit with the word "Juicy" plastered on the ass! The truth is, the fantastic thing about today's dresses is that, if made properly with women's comfort in mind, they can be made to be quite cozy. That is, to fit and be adjustable to the daily activities of women.

I have discovered that there is one brand and one brand only that has figured it all out. Antipodium creates the most comfortable and sexy dresses you could possibly imagine. Interestingly enough, Down Under expat designers Geoffrey J. Finch and Ashe Peacock, who have made a name for themselves in the Shoreditch neighborhood of London, have successfully created a brand that is at once synonymous with the cool and simple OZ lifestyle, and off-beat and edgy London attitude. The vast collection of Antipodium dresses I have acquired myself is proof enough that this is the good stuff. I don't shop an outrageous amount, but when I do, I invest well and carefully. Here are a couple examples of my brilliant Antipodium purchases.

Grey Jersey Metallic Antipodium Dress, S/S 2007

Black Jersey Shoulder Antipodium Dress, A/W 2009

Antipodium designs can be found in their flagship Shoreditch store on Charlotte Road , but can also be found on Carlisle Street in Soho, Liberty's and Harvey Nichs. If I was up to me, I would stick to the Shoreditch Charlotte Road boutique, which is located right between Old Street and Great Eastern Street, and guarantees an enjoyable shopping experience. But, hey, all places are fantastic. This is London. Try them all!


  1. Ahhhh, they look fantastic. But not surprisingly though, as they are presented by Mademoiselle Bootylicious herself ;-) Adjustable to the daily activities of women? I just imagined myself strapping little L into her carseat, bum sticking high up in the air (mine, not hers). You are sure I won't catch a cold?

  2. I can totally see you in one of those dresses! For the record, my dresses are not representative of the entire Antipodium collection. They happen to also make longer, less cold-inducing that Met mum can enjoy the mummy duties and not catch a cold. Mademoiselle Bootilicious/LondonZest did not enjoy the modeling experience. Needless to say, there were a million different snaps before I chose a couple that were relatively flattering. Happy blogging! x