Thursday, 29 October 2009

Long Live The Ballet Flat

Isn't it strange how a simple ballet slipper has become, over the years, the biggest selling shoe style in the history of foot fashion? I find it incredibly odd and almost a little troubling, how the world's most uncomfortable shoe has become a fashion must-have. I've even been told by guys that ballet flats are the most boring shoe a girl can wear. Your hear that? Boring! Same with leggings. What is our obsession with leggings, they ask with a confused look on their faces? Guys don't get that either. If it were up to them, women should show their bare legs all the live-long year. Even in minus 10 degree weather and even in the rain. I get it. I do. Leggings are not flattering to men. Ballet flats aren't either. But the answer is simple. There is just something incredibly comforting about them. They make us feel at ease and feminine. They are the answer to all our troubles in the morning, when the imaginative fashion decisions are just not coming to mind. My ballet flats, for one...I can't get enough of them! I wear them everywhere. I wear them during the day and I wear them in the nighttime. I wear them on the tube, I wear them on the bus. I wear them in the rain, I wear them in the sunshine. I put them through misery and hell and I still love them like my own skin, like my own two feet.

Especially my Bloch ballets. I am head over heels in love, and can't get enough of my Bloch ballet flats. They are a great deal cheaper than the Repettos, and miles more comfortable and long-lasting. Originated in Australia, these babies know comfort. They even have a cushion heel to make your life a little fluffier when you're walking and going about your day. I have them in a patent grey, but you can find them in all sorts of kooky colors and shapes. I especially love the ones with the black tip and the colored base. The cutest and most girly place to go for Bloch flats is on Drury Lane in Covent Garden. This place is the authentic ballet store, but of course offers the wide range of street flats as well. Otherwise, you can always go to Liberty's for another type of experience. 

The Pink and Black Bloch Ballet

Bloch London, Drury Lane


  1. You know I grew up wearing Bloch's ballet shoes in Australia - as an aspiring ballet dancer, that is.

    These new 'street' styles look really fab, and I love the colours and 'comfort heel'. xx

  2. Really? that's so cool!!! Yeah, I love them they're my should try them as a street shoe for sure! And get the ones with the comfy heel, they dont all have it! xxx

  3. Thanks again for recommending them recently - I love mine! And they are unbelievably comfortable.
    Funny what you said about guys and ballet flats + leggings. Big M is trying to convince me that this look was absolutely 'bleurgh'. Shouldn't they be glad that we are only trying to be happy in our own skin, rather than pleasing the eye of some random guy who might have a glimpse on our legging clad pins?

  4. i looove bloch ballets, mine are almost worn through already as I cant get enough

  5. Met Mum: I know! I love them I love them! And leggings...leggings are the best when you're feeling cranky and need some coziness in your life. If only men were so considerate:)

    Linn darling: Get some new ones! They are such a good investment and for a walking-arounder like yourself, they do the trick just perfectly. Mine are still intact and I wear them day in and day out.

  6. I just ordered my 1st pair and am awaiting their arrival! I'm always in search of a comfortable and cute flat.

  7. Not true, I'm a guy and I think girls in ballet flats are sexy.

    The most boring / gross shoes a girl could wear are flip flops.